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Hello Minox FAQ is moving over to egroups "Minox-FAQ" Minox-FAQ

egroup has much more flexible software, the best feature is its built in "search" feature I shall set up all members of Minox Photography as members of Minox-FAQ, you can go in and change the options which suits you

The default setting is "web only, no email"

You can go to your "Profile" and change it to


Minox Photography Board Password

-- martin tai (, May 09, 2000


Other good features which egroups have are:

When you receive the invitation email from egroups/Minox-FAQ, all you have to do is reply it, then your membership is activated. You many change the options by going to the egroups/Minox-FAQ page at

There are too many messages in "Minox Photography" hard to move; old articles will remain as it is, new postingings in Minox Photography may or may not be automatically routed to egroups/Minox-FAQ.

-- martin tai (, May 10, 2000.

To subscribe go to Minox FAQ 1) Press SUBSCRIBE and follow the simple procedure, select web only or email

2) Press POST to post

3) MESSAGE to read message,

4) Cast POLL

5) CALENDAR to checkout scheduled monthly discussion topics.

-- martin tai (, May 22, 2000.

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