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Obviously this thought is a little premature and I do like Mark and Elizabeth together, but I wondered who Luka's going to have a romance with when Carol leaves? I love the way Elizabeth and Mark are so cute together but I also think she'd be great with Luka - they're both people who seem to keep their problems to themselves and it would be nice to see them both with someone they could really confide in - and not things like Luka's family dying but even trivial things. Everyone needs someone to listen to their ramblings and love them and that's what Luka's really missing - but then, if Lizzie and Mark break up, who will Mark be with?? The only other main woman is Kerry and I can't imagine Mark and Kerry together.

Any thoughts?

-- Juliet (, May 09, 2000


Ah, I really hope they don't break up Mark and Elizabeth...the poor guy has had such a tough time over the years, he deserves a little happiness. I'm hoping he turns to Elizabeth more now that his father has passed, and they become closer, maybe even realize that life is short and you should grab all the happiness you can and put those pearls to good use (ahem). As for Luka...I have no idea who to pair him with. Kerry could use a man in her life, but I have secret hopes of her and Carter (please refrain from freaking out, I know some of you find it horrible to contemplate). I've heard a lot of talk about this Deb and Romano thing possibly brewing...Omigod, we're running out of women for these poor doctors. LOL.

-- Jennifer M. (, May 09, 2000.

Why does Luka have to be paired romantically with anyone? I mean, one of the things that irritated me about ER the past 2-3 seasons was the "pairing" up of people. As much as I liked Lucy, I thought that the writers almost ruined her character by trying to pair her up with Carter too quickly. They should have just let her character develop naturally before trying to get her involved in any love scenarios. It was the same thing with Anna DelAmico. It was like... she's here! she's blonde! she's gonna be a love interest of Carter's! The same thing bothers me with Cleo. She just seems to be on there as a love interest for Benton, she hasn't had any real story lines that develops her character. And now there are rumors about Romano and Chen? How about more story lines about Romano the jerk, and Chen the doctor. Enough with everyone getting involved.

Sorry for the rant, but the Cleo/Benton romance just is so contrived to me. Benton had such a wonderful story going earlier this season with his son... not knowing if he was his father, not caring if he was his father biologically because, as far as Benton was concerned, he was Reece's "real" dad. Now Benton does nothing but jump all over Cleo. The scene on the stairs just was ENOUGH for me. It did nothing to make me care about their characters individually or as a couple.

I like Luka. I would love for him to get involved with someone. But not right away. And not necessarily with another main ER character. I want to know Luka better first. I want to know what his ambitions as a doctor are. I want to know about Luka's past and how it affects his job (not just how it affects his potential love life with Carol).

One of the best things to happen, IMO, is for the cast to be pared down, not paired off. There are just too many characters now. I don't know ANY of the new characters the way I knew Mark, Doug and Susan during season 1. Get rid of Cleo. Get rid of either Abby or Chen or Dave or Luka. Get rid of at least two, if not three of the new guys and CONCENTRATE on the character development of the rest of the cast. As much as I loved the Mark/David Greene story and the Carter story, nothing much has worked for me during the last part of this season. ER is in danger of becoming a soap opera. I want to watch a medical drama.

Again, sorry about the rant. I just had to get that off of my chest. I like Luka, really, I just hope that he doesn't jump into bed with anyone anytime soon.

-- L. (, May 09, 2000.

I really think it would be better for the show (and also more like real life) if the characters had some relationships with people outside of the hospital. I loved Carol and Doug, and also liked Elizabeth and Peter together,but pleeease- not every character has to be involved with one of his co-workers. It's not like ER is some dating show- or is it? I hope either Cleo & Benton break up (would be good for her storylines) or that this Romano / Deb thing isn't true. Two happy couples inside the ER are just more than I could stand. Couldn't there be more Synergix-guys, police officers or shrinks around?

-- Anne (, May 09, 2000.

I agree with Anne on this one. I know Jen turned out to be awful for Mark, but she was from outside the hospital. Carter dated Roxanne, and there are always tons of cute paramedics around. Why not someone in HR? Why not a secretary? I can understand why these people get involved with people in their workplace, especially when that is where they spend 90% of their time, especially as residents. But who says they can't meet someone in dietary? Or housekeeping? Or a physical/occupational therapist?

I think it would be very nice for Luka (he is rapidly becoming one of my favorite characters) to find someone nice who maybe doesn't have children. Or to become a Big Brother or something to spend time with kids. Or to switch to pedes for pete's sakes, since Cleo doesn't seem to have any talent at all in this area, even compared to Malucci!

Sorry to rant there.

-- Laura (, May 09, 2000.

Mark?corday's relationship does nothing for me so I really don't care one way or another if they stay together. If they do stick together , I don't want to see much of it. I don't think Luka should be involved with anyone especially anyone on the staff. I don't think Luka is ready for a romance. He acts like he is still looking for a substitute for his wife and his kids. I'm all for Carter/Kerry getting together after he recovers from his PTSD. I don't think any of the new characters should be involved in relationships. I think they should concentrate on adding depth to them and letting us get to know them first.

-- Brenda (, May 09, 2000.

Although I agree with most of what's said above, I have to add that I think the new characters are the future of ER and, thought there may be too many of them, they're the ones that will probably be with the show through 2004. I'd like to see their characters develop slowly and not be pushed on the audience. But it's okay with me if Cleo leaves. I'm kidding, please don't skewer me! :)

-- Diana (, May 09, 2000.

Something I've noticed is that ER has not been big committed relationships. There has never been a main character who was happily married. Mark was getting a divorce and Jeanie had plenty of marriage problems. They always leave it open so that one single doctor can fall for another. I think they should tie a few options off, and if I had to choose, I'd pick Mark and Elizabeth to be together.

-- Joanne (, May 10, 2000.

That really bothers me too, that these people are all in their late 20's/30's and none of them are married. I know that it is a TV show and once people actually get together for good it is over (hence, now that both GC and JM are gone, they can get married!), but maybe ONE of them could be's medical drama, they still have the action going for them, one good relationship won't ruin it. I really like Mark and Elizabeth together, however, if TPTB hadn't gone with that, I would have put Carter and Elizabeth together eventually. I know this sounds weird, but I can't really picture Carter with anyone else, so if he HAD to be with someone in the cast, I would put him with her. They both respect each other and I think it would just be a really funny playful match. Maybe it's just that I like how he says her name (like in last week's episode...'Thank you Elizabeth'...I just like how he says it!) I don't know. I really hope that nearing the series finale in a couple years they marry off Carter. And something I'd really like to see...DADDIE CARTER!

-- Elaine (, May 10, 2000.

I actually could imagine a Mark/Kerry relationship and also I think that the Mark/Corday relationship is going nowhere but that's just my opinion. (i'm only 13 so you dson't have to take that much notice of my opinion)

-- Steph (, May 10, 2000.

I like all the romance thats going on these days! And i like the mark/Elizabeth story line. They are good for each other and he needs a little happiness in his life. I also like the carter line but my favorite was the Carol and Doug line--Its so sad to see her go! (it was nice to see Clooney!!!!) Luka and Chen would be a cute couple! And i cant see Carrie with anyone but Romano!! Did you see what a crab she was tonite--she would match up well with Romano!!!

-- Kirsten (, May 11, 2000.

Kerry and Romano would kill each other in a week. I did. Kerry and Mark are cute, but Mark and Elizabeth are better. Kerry and Luka just don't click. Kerry and Carter would be perfect together. I know. :) Carter could also work with Jing-Mei, but what happened to being friends. Hate Cleo and Benton. Break them up. Now. Abby and Luka would be okay together...but just not...right. Luka needs someone though. Can we get Luka together with one of the nurses and get another nurse as a semi-main character? I personally like Lily and Chuni.

-- Monica (, May 12, 2000.

Personally, I think Luka & Kerry would be great together! She respects him a great deal, and he respects her. Great basis for a friendship, then a romance, to me. They're both very mature & intelligent people, & both have been through a lot. (IMO, Luka has PTSD to make Carter's situation look like a picnic in the park-not that I don't pity Carter...)

Kerry & Carter? Ewww...icky. The rumor mill being what it is, if there was going to be a KW/JC thing, we'd have heard about it *long* time ago from the studio. The writers tried it once (Kerry allegedly making a pass at Carter...evidently, it wasn't very "eye-opening" to me, 'cause I don't remember it-I've just read about it here & there) and it just didn't work. Maybe Laura Innes nixed it, and if she did, kudos to Laura for having good old-fashioned common sense; a Kerry/Carter romance would have been a disaster, IMO. So I don't think it'll ever happen.

Kerry needs a man. I can't think of anyone better suited for her than Luka. I see lots of chemistry between them, but that may just be me. JMHO

-- Miesque (, May 12, 2000.

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