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From - a breakdown of who's who in the ER:

The staff includes Dr. Mark Greene (Edwards), a senior attending physician with a promising future whose job cost him his marriage; Dr. Peter Benton (La Salle), an intense, self-assured surgeon; the well-intentioned Dr. John Carter (Wyle), a third-year resident in emergency medicine; Carol Hathaway (Margulies), a compassionate nurse and a mother of twins; Dr. Kerry Weaver (Innes), ER Chief - a tough and determined physician who often rubs her colleagues the wrong way; Dr. Elizabeth Corday (Kingston), a dedicated surgeon from Great Britain; Dr. Robert Romano (McCrane), the arrogant new chief of staff; Dr. Luka Kovac (Visnjic), an ER attending physician who recently joined the staff at County; Dr. Cleo Finch (Michele), an assertive second-year resident in emergency medicine and pediatrics; Dr. Dave Malucci (Palladino), a gregarious second-year resident; Dr. Deb Chen (Ming-Na), a competitive third-year resident; and Abby Lockhart (Tierney), a third-year medical student and former OB nurse.

-- Linda (, May 08, 2000

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