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This is the second year that all the pea seeds that I planted have disappeared. Would it be voles? Has anyone else had this experience? What did you do about it?

-- Anita Nielsen (, May 08, 2000


One thing that can happen to peas in a cold wet spring is that the seed will rot in the ground. I don't know if this would explain your seeds disappearing or not, though.

-- Kathleen Sanderson (, May 08, 2000.

birds. watched them one year eat all the seeds. laura

-- laura cavallari (, May 08, 2000.

I had this problem a couple of years ago and found that chipmunks were digging it up and carrying it away. I sort of solved the problem by sprinkling cayenne pepper over the seed and on top of the row. And last year I caught a gray squirrel digging the scarlet runner beans. I chased the squirrel, replanted the seeds, did the hot pepper thing, and had no more trouble. So if you have any of these furry little friends around, they could be responsible.The digging was not as noticeable as you would expect.

-- Alma Miller MN (, May 09, 2000.

I'll go with Kathleen's explanation. Has happened to me. Moles, voles, chipmunks, foxes, falcons, armadillos, nutrias, cheetahs, milk snakes, and penguins will only take MOST of the seeds. You got nothing? Kathleen has nailed it! Replant, and it will work. GL!

-- Brad (, May 09, 2000.


If you're getting nothing coming up from your planted pea seed I recommend you do a germination test of the seed itself to see if it's even viable. That seed might well be dead. If you get a fifty percent or better germination rate then I'd look at soil conditions as Kathleen mentioned. Animals or insects wouldn't be likely to get 100% of the seed before it broke ground.

You might also try planting in a different area from your previous attempts.


The Prudent Food Storage FAQ, v3.5

-- A.T. Hagan (, May 09, 2000.

This happens here occationally. This time it came a big rain & seeds got covered with too much dirt. Replanted & they got washed away. Is God trying to tell me I need to lay off the back eyed peas? Why is it that the stuff like Okra, that I hate grows so well, & watermelon & cantalope are such a struggle?

-- Okie-Dokie (, May 14, 2000.

Okie-Dokie, you need to 1. mulch, which will solve the problem of the dirt moving around, and 2. get some more organic matter into your soil, which will help more over the long term. Even in a down-pour we don't have much dirt moving, as long as there is lots of organic matter in it (manure, compost, green manure tilled in, etc.). The alternative is to learn to like what grows for you!! :-)

-- Kathleen Sanderson (, May 14, 2000.

whoa!!!! milk snakes eat seeds??? wow! who'da thought. got alot of them around here, and they get quite big. laura

-- laura cavallari (, May 15, 2000.

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