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I got the TV Guide today, and it has a full page pic of Carter, Benton and Luka (I think) and the caption beneath it says:

Season Finale: Carter's shocking ultimatum will change the ER Forever.

Then they have a snippet of Jack Orman, who wrote the finale.

May Day THe 2000 TV Guide award winner for Favorite Drama Series concludes its sixth season.

According to co-exucutive producer Jack Orman , who wrote the script , the focus of the episode "involves Carter(Noah Wyle) and his personal struggles, leading to a crisis and confrontation with the staff." As the hour begins, Orman says, "Benton and Kovac (Eriq La Salle, Goran Visnjic) are flown by helicopter to a grade school, where there's a shooting incident that is not yet contained. Gunman are still at large , and Benton and Kovac are in intense conflict over whom they need to transport first" - a young victim or a wounded shooter

-- samira (, May 08, 2000


Oh, I will be awaiting this soooooo much! Thanks Samira

-- Elaine (, May 08, 2000.

WOW!! Thanks for the info, Samira! What other eppies has Jack Orman written?

-- anne (, May 08, 2000.

I read somewhere that he wrote All in the Family, Last Rites, Great Expectations, and in season five, he wrote The good fight, Responsible Parties and Vanishing Act. Comparatively to writers such as Neil Baer, I think that Orman tends to have great character development, isn't too heavy-handed with the medical, and does pretty well rounded episodes. He's also done great Carter development- The Good Fight, Vanishing Acts and in the past, My Brother's Keeper; during Season Five he didn't portray Carter as much as a jerk like some of the other writers did. I really believe that this season finale will be good, Carter-wise. And I really believe that the focus will indeed be on Carter-- since we have two of the three storylines out of the way; Carol's and Marks. Carter-fest, anyone?

-- samira (, May 08, 2000.

I posted the list for the last three seasons at He also wrote Of Past regrets nad Future Fear during season four. He is a great writer. This finale shouls be great. I'm hoping this episode will have Carter hit rock bottom without him being too bad. I certainly hope we see next season begin with Carter getting help and starting a pretty quick recovery back to his old self.

-- Brenda (, May 08, 2000.


-- S.Trelles (, May 09, 2000.

Addendum to last comment:

Y'all should know by now- I am ALWAYS up for a Carter-fest!

-- S.Trelles (, May 09, 2000.


-- Katrina (, May 09, 2000.

Carter Carter Carter... oh, and Corday

-- Juliet (, May 09, 2000.


-- Diana (, May 09, 2000.

Oh MAN! I ended up giving in and going to get a TV guide, and even the picture is exciting. It's mostly of a very intense Carter with Luka, Benton, and Mark in the background. I hope this means they are all involved in the confrontation. If this season hasn't gotten him an Emmy nomination yet, I'm sure the finale will. I know I won't be disappointed because he portrays Carter so well. I have to say it again, I cannot WAIT! I have been so ridiculously excited about this month for ER, and the season finale has got me as anxious as All in the Family did. Do you think he'll freak out at all of the gunshot victims? Not the same as stabbings, but close enough.

-- Elaine (, May 09, 2000.

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