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Looking for info on the '50's-style block structure at Andrews, SC. on the former SAL East Carolina route between Savannah and Hamlet. This long one-story building has been refered to as the "yard office" in a book on the SAL. Was it ever in use as a depot (freight or passenger), or were there once other buildings for those purposes. Since the passenger Doodlebugs on this line were gone by 1956, it's not very likely a seperate passenger depot would have survived intact long afterwards. Any info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks! - Bob Venditti

-- Bob Venditti (, May 07, 2000


Bob, I grew up in Andrews in the 1940s, son of a Seaboard brakeman. I also worked as a clerk-caller there as a teen. I'll search my aging memory and send you some information.

-- Jim Roquemore (, May 09, 2000.

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