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Has anybody tried Maco ORT25? I liked the results but I processed it as AGFA OTHO25 in Rodinal 1+10 for 5 min 20c. The AGFA is now disconinued so try Maco http:\ ?

-- David A. Henderson (, May 06, 2000


I have just about developed my first roll of it. It even contained a calibration series, but I screwed up a little during the development in Neofin Doku. Only after 1 1/2 (out of 5) minutes did I realise that I was supposed to invert every 3 s instead of the 4 times at the beginning of every minute that I am used to. However, the results look pretty neat on the proof sheet. From the densitometric evaluation (which I made in spite of the blunder), it seems that the ISO 25/15 is not exaggerated (if not slightly understated) for this film/developer combination, but there is a pronounced shoulder, i.e. the highlights are fairly compressed. The gradient in the straight section of the characteristic curve appears to be about 0,7. I will, however, repeat my calibration ensuring proper development this time. I will then be pleased to share the results, if anybody is interested.

With Agfaortho being discontinued, this seems to be the only 35 mm ortho film on the market at present.

-- Thomas Wollstein (, May 08, 2000.

I forgot to mention that the film has an amazingly low fb+f density.

-- Thomas Wollstein (, May 08, 2000.

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