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I have been on the electoral roll for 11 months but for a period of about two years before I was not, although the house I was living at was not rented or owned by myself. Prior to that I was on the electoral roll but what I would like to know is: what implications will this have on my application for a mortgage? Is this a major deciding factor in successful application and if so, for what reason? I have no credit problems at all and are not attempting to borrowing anywhere near my lending limit.


Steve C.

-- Steve Cumpson (steve.cumpson@dtn.ntl.com), May 06, 2000


Electoral Roll data is important in 2 respects:

- to help confirm your identity but you can use your passport, driving licence etc to overcome that

- as part of the credot scoring process. It counts as a 'stability factor' - a long time at one address is regarded as good, but it does not mean you will not get a mortgage.

Stick with organisatyions where you already have a relationship, a bank account, a savings account or whatever - they should fall over themselves to loan you money.

-- James Simons (james_2999@hotmail.com), August 28, 2000.

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