hip pointer injury

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I have a pain in my hip joint; it feels as though it needs to be popped. I was told that it could be a hip pointer injury. I do teach aerobics and do a lot of lateral movements. I was just curoius about this type of injury and was wondering if you could offer any web sites that might educate me more on this type of injury. Thanks

-- Holly Baker (jazzerhb@hotmail.com), May 06, 2000


u need go chek a doctor come to my office and i will give you a free check-up. or call me at 312-302-6389 and ask for Dr. Nicholas

-- Dr.Nicholas (alottabanana@umac.com), December 13, 2002.

Watch out for that banana Dr; he can't even spell!

-- Just Guessin (bananabuttyourself@aol.com), December 14, 2002.

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