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One of the things which keeps me sticking with PMK is that GH notes how stable/consistent it is compared to other formulas? What aspects is he speaking of? the stain? the actual development/silver reduction? variability with temp/etc?

I'd like to experiment a little, and would like some recommendations for a good TANNING/STAINING pyro formula which ADDS grain (strange but true...).

-- shawn gibson (, May 05, 2000


He means that the staining and processing action of the film is pretty consistent from roll to roll. Pyro developers are prone to irregular development, and PMK seems the most immune of them all to that.

Also, PMK is very stable in stock solution form unlike other pyro developers. The developer does not change significantly for many years after the equilibrium point is reached a few weeks after mixing.

-- Jim MacKenzie (, May 05, 2000.

Shawn, Try my formula Illumitol. The article including formula ( Taming Pyro ) is on the Black And White World site. Illumitol is very fine grain but if you want grain try TMZ...small tight visable grain. Unlike PMK, Illumitol stains all film including TMX and TMY. You will find some Illumitol examples at scroll down to the male nudes by Mike Walker. They are all APX 100 35mm.

Cheers, Peter D.

-- Peter Dinnan (, May 05, 2000.

.....I've rewritten the Conclusion in the article. It explains a bit more of the relationship between pyro and T. Grain emulsions. If anyone would like a copy, email me. Also, contact Argentina photographer Claudio He is obtaining outstanding results from Illumitol...after trying several other formulas.

Peter D.

-- Peter Dinnan (, May 05, 2000.

Peter, I went to b/w world and went through the first five sites and no article "taming pyro". They had the sites numbered so if you would be kind enough to give me the number of the site. Thanks, Pat

-- pat j. krentz (, May 06, 2000.

Shawn, try Kodak's ABC pyro, and SD-1 pyro, if you can't find them, let me know and I will send you the formulas. Pat

-- pat j. krentz (, May 06, 2000.

The Taming Pyro article can be found at

The index / home page is


-- Peter Dinnan (, May 06, 2000.

Peter, I was going to write to you, but here seams a good place. I read/printed a copy of your article but where should I go to get these chemicals? What type of store sells these things? I'm in Oz so I don't expect you to be able to name places, just the type of business.

-- Nigel Smith (, May 06, 2000.

Photographers Formulary might ship to Oz, maybe? Thanks everyone for the advice. I'll let you know what happens.

Pat--I've had no luck with the SD-1 formula...I'd be grateful if you emailed it to me.

Thanks everyone. shawn

-- shawn (, May 17, 2000.

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