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[ May ] Contemplations (from EZboard)

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Other Contemplations About This Period of Time Beginning in May 2000

UPDATED 4 May 2000

May 5 - Square to Feb 5 eclipse May 5 to 23 - Transiting Saturn at 20 Taurus will be squaring transiting Uranus at 20 Aquarius (last time in 1916) May 7th -15th - Saturn squares Mercury May 7th - Neptune goes Retrograde May 11 Moon enters Virgo (PM) Moon squares Mars (violence) May 12-13 Mars Trine Neptune May 13 Saturn squares Uranus exactly, Moon in trine, Mars and Neptune in trine. May 25th - Uranus goes Retrograde May 28 - Jupiter conjuncts Saturn (happens every 20 years) , squared by Uranus

Mars - Violence, attack Uranus - Unstoppable force of change, the unexpected, stability breaker, status quo shaker, the revolutionary, independence, forces change and will NOT be denied. Uranus also relates to use of electronic technology (control). Saturn - Established status quo, stability, those who rule, organizations, traditions and is un-giving.

Retrograde (Intensification of activities) Uranus goes direct in Fall 2000 (releases built-up tensions)

Open Operations Announced: (Scripps News Service April 14) Operation TopOff (Top Off = Top Officials) Period May 7 - 29, involves the mock (pretend) nuclear and biological terrorist attack (exercise) in Denver, Portland NH and Washington DC, who will respectively undergo mock federal response exercises for biological, chemical and nuclear "terrorist threats". Federal and state officials intend to begin publicizing the upcoming fake attack the second week of April 2000, so citizens will not be blindsided or panicked by the exercise, which will take place over a period of 10 days between May 7th and May 29th. An interesting part of the news article was "Mindful that real terrorists, knowing that the government's attention will be focused elsewhere, might view this as a fine time to stage an actual attack, the agencies are taking special precautions." Of course, this is a deliberately created scenario, so if real terrorists (government or foreign) did view this as a opportunity, it would be to the accountability of those who deliberately planned this exercise, who knew and publicized this concept, almost giving the idea to "terrorists" and the public in the first place, opening the door for social abuse with "justification" having been already provided.

According to internet email traffic, Political conspiracy buffs on the internet have "predicted" a real "biochemical attack in possibly 150 to 300 cities slated for early June 2000 perpetrated by the Feds (covertly) and blamed on the Islamics" Could this just be paranoid self-delusion and self-justification on the part of so-called "patriots", or could it be a harbinger of chaotic activity, or both?

See an astrologically-based comment relative to "an exercise", "attack", etc., below.**


Various Astrological Analyses

** "Neptune rules biologicals and chemicals and is going retrograde on the 8th at 830am EDT. Attacks are ruled by Mars (military/ violence) and Mars entered Gemini on May 3rd. It will be 6 Gemini (trining Neptune) on May 12-13. Trining will allow the 'exercise' to go off as they plan. On the 11th, the Moon enters Virgo with attention to details and precision heightened. That night, the Moon squares Mars (violence) followed up in the next aspect (about 12 hrs later on the 12th) with Moon squaring Pluto (sinister/ subversive/ Darksiders). Pluto is 3x the strength of Mars. On May 13th, at 434am EDT, Saturn squares Uranus exactly. As these are slow movers, events are drawn out and not necessarily over quickly. Uranus is VERY unpredictable. Uranus is related to the use of electronic technology. (Remember that the Pope is to be in Fatima, Portugal on the 13th)

"From May 5 until May 23, transiting Saturn at 20 Taurus will be squaring transiting Uranus at 20 Aquarius. This is a rare aspect for these 2 planets. Since Uranus takes 84 years to go through the 12 signs, you'd have to go back to 1916 when Uranus was last in Aquarius. That took the US into WWI. Saturn then was in Cancer, quincunxing Uranus. Quincunxing is reorganization. Since WWI, when the US began getting involved in European affairs, it has never been the same. Now, these heavy hitters are squared. Uranus is the ONLY planet that can throw Saturn for a loop. Squaring is a friction aspect, a blockage of some sort that has been building up and will be dealt with in some way. Saturn is stability, the status quo, those who rule, organizations, traditions and is ungiving. Uranus is unexpected, stability breaker, status quo shaker, the revolutionary, independence, forces change and will NOT be denied. So you can see what is going on here, the immovable object and the unstoppable force are clashing. The unstoppable force (Uranus) will win because it always wins. If it were a good aspect (trine or sextile), Saturn would give way gracefully. Since it is a hard aspect (square), Saturn will have to be dealt with in an unpleasant way (to Saturn). Since Saturn is in an Earth sign, physical earthquakes/volcanoes, financial quakes/volcanoes are possible. Taurus is the sign of creature comforts, material pleasures and resistance to change. Aquarius is the sign of progress, lightning quick events, mental enlightenment and demands change at ANY cost."

"The Feb 5th eclipse makes its square on May 5th. Add that to the pot of May events."

"13th of May and it looks much like a day when all the worlds wizards got together to invoke demons....for some nefarious purpose or other and forgot ....or were too ignorant to make the wards strong enough and the Demons were only to happy to eat the wizards before they got on with eating others. That is a very grim day with Saturn and Uranus square and the Moon in trine aspect to the Sun, Mercury, Venus, Jupiter and Saturn and Mars and Neptune trine to each other. That is truly a day to cause another day like last Tuesday on the stock markets....only perhaps without the recovery at the end of the day. If it is a day of Orchestrated miracles it certainly looks to me like Satan had edited the script and the NWO was too arrogant to notice the changes he had inserted.... and so perhaps instead of orchestrated miracles I would look for orchestrated chaos."

"The Pope, who is nearly 80, is to travel to the shrine of Fatima in Portugal on May 13th to give thanks to the Virgin Mary for saving his life on May 13, 1981 - the feast day of Our Lady of Fatima - when he was wounded in an attempted assassination. "

"On the 28th of May there is a conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn. This is a 20 year event. However, this time the conjunction is square Uranus. I computed all the conjunctions of Jupiter and Saturn over the last thousand years.....and there are very few that are square Uranus....or Neptune or Pluto. In 1861 the conjunction was square Uranus and certainly the civil war is a time few would like to revisit. In 1940 the conjunction was square Neptune and the period from 1940 to 1945 certainly does not bring any fond memories. This conjunction has another interesting property. The Sun, Venus, Mercury and Mars will all be within 8 degrees of the conjunction at the same time. The New Moon on the 3rd has the Moon, Sun, Mercury, Jupiter and Saturn all within 6 degrees....and that does not happen very often either. No place in the last thousand years could I find an example of the Sun being close to the conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn while it was square an outer body. My feeling is that the next few weeks have patterns not seen within the last thousand years and I do not think that many will enjoy the period at all. Structures can be built to withstand great applied long as it is more or less constant and from the same direction. Few structures can withstand great *SHAKING* forces or forces that alternate quickly the direction they come from. I think the NWO / Globalism and the current conceit of rewarding failure and penalizing success is the structure that these fantastic patterns are going to shatter. For weeks the Euro has been falling...and yet on Wednesday with the new moon the patterns change to fantastic economic good news and optimism about Europe.....only to replaced a week later with the more typical news of horrible economic news. So, to shatter a great structure.....SHAKE IT....first get all used to never ending bad economic news and then present utterly marvelous news so all will change their stance and then revert to bad news and laugh as all fall on their face. Neptune is within a degree of being trine the US natal ascendant and I suppose that could explain a lot of the current nonsense: No matter how bad the news or high the interest rates the only thing to do is buy stocks. But Neptune will turn retrograde on the 7th ....but at that time patterns in China and Russia are so terrible that any number of horrible surprises might come in to existence to haunt the US. Two weeks later Uranus will make its station trine to US Natal Mars and square to US Natal Jupiter....and of course square to Jupiter and Saturn all of which sounds like the 200 day moving averages for the major stock averages will be visited sooner than later."

-- Flash (flash@flash.hq), May 05, 2000


I don't wholeheartedly agree but it's still interesting to see differing perspectives. Thanks, Flash, for giving us the heads-up on this one.

-- LunaC (, May 05, 2000.

Hi LunaC,

Your observations/comments are always appreciated. Although not anywhere near your level of competence, I used to dabble in the subject years ago when I almost married an Astrologer. Sort of like that song "Fortune Teller" where one of the punch lines was "Now I get my fortune told for FREE." Please keep up the interesting insights!

-- Flash (flash@flash.hq), May 05, 2000.

Mars - Violence, attack Uranus - Unstoppable force of change, the unexpected, stability breaker, status quo shaker, the revolutionary, independence, forces change and will NOT be denied.

Sorry, but my sphincter clenched when I read that part, and I was unable to go on.

-- Uncle Deedah (, May 05, 2000.

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