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Maybe I am the only one who sees this, but I was thinking Carter's interaction w/ Malluchi kind of reminds me of Mark's interactions w/ Doug. A lot of us see similarities between Doug and Malluchi and I think the way Carter handles Malluchi is kind of like how Mark treated Doug. Both M&D were pretty much equals, but Mark was more in charge, and the same w/ C&M, Carter is a bit ahead of Malluchi. Mark always had to try to control and calm down Doug; rationalize with him, though in the end he wouldn't press him, because he knew he was passionate about his patients. The scene where Carter talks to Malluchi as he leaves reminded me of many conversations between M&D. And I hope Carter and Malluchi become good friends, it would help out with the commeraderie I have been missing! They already joke about girls (or they used to). Anyone else think this?

-- Elaine (, May 05, 2000


First of all, what status is Malucci? I mean, last night he was wearing blue scrubs and no white coat...I thought residents wore long coats (like Jing-Mei) and doctors short coats (see Kerry's). So I'm confused about his status in the E.R., which would impact on his relationship with Carter.//Incidentally, I think Carter could be taking some kind of medication--for sleep and maybe even for energy during the day?

-- Julia (, May 05, 2000.

I think Malluchi is a second-year resident. That would make him one year behind Carter. I, too, noticed the similarities between Carter and Malluchi. I think making them friends would be a great idea. They are close in age, and they would be fun to watch,IMO.

-- Katrina (, May 05, 2000.

I thought the interaction between Carter and Malucci (sp?) was great last night. Very friendly, yet competitive and respectful. Very realistic. I was sitting there last night hoping that they'd continue this kind of interaction between Carter and Malucci, that they could develop the friendly relationship between these characters more. Now I know why, it's because it reminded me of Mark and Doug.

It would be nice if Carter, Malucci and Jing-Mei could have the same kind of dynamic that Mark, Doug and Susan had when the show first started. Those characters are in about the same place professionally that Mark, Doug and Susan were the first year. Kind of a "new guard", with Carter being the Mark... you know, the kind and considerate guy who's got a level head and is the leader. I always thought that Carter was a younger version of Mark, personality wise and professionally.

-- L. (, May 05, 2000.

Julia--Interns wear short coats. Doctors wear long ones.

-- joy (, May 05, 2000.

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