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Why bother with the alignment (which will be a bust since it's occuring during daylight) when you can enjoy a meteor shower?

-- LunaC (, May 04, 2000


Or we could all stand around and look at Uranus.....

-- penelope pooh (, May 05, 2000.

Thanks for the link, LunaC.

-- uh uh (abc@xy.z), May 05, 2000.

Saw the ursaids last august on lake champlaign-awesome sight. I recommend a meteor shower to all(hey, ya gotta wash of that cosmic dust somehow).

-- FutureSHock (gray@matter.think), May 05, 2000.


Isn't the universe wonderful? I have watched meteor showers for most of my life. I always take the time to try to catch one of the best shows that nature provides. Kinda opens up the brain to the possibilities that lie out there. Here's hoping that you see a great show.

I remember once when I lived in San Antonio, I was watching a meteor shower and had to deal with bats flying about. I did call it quits when one flew into my hair. Hey, I had big hair at the time, as I lived in Texas. (Everything is bigger in Texas, isn't it?)

-- (Sheeple@Greener.Pastures), May 05, 2000.

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