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1. Kerry's interaction with Carol. Kerry trying to be understanding, Carol snaps at her ("You've been on my back all day!"), and Kerry reverts to what she's comfortable with, fighting back ("When you do your job, I'll leave you alone."). But *immediately*, Kerry regrets saying it. You see it on her face. So real. 2. David Greene. Incredible job, just wonderful. Reminded me of how my grandfather was right before his death 4 years ago. Again, so real. 3. Elizabeth... she cared so much for David, and cares so much for Mark. The look on her face when David gives her Mark's mom's pearls, the look when Kerry tells her David has died, the hug she gives Mark at the end. So real, so perfect.

This episode did have some disappointments, but these were "a few of my favorite things."

-- J.J. Ruth (, May 04, 2000


I LOVED this episode!!

I. Carol's reluctance to admit something was troubling her (very in- character), though finally relieved to have somebody to talk to -- and the person she confides in? Doug's archenemy, Kerry.

II. Animal Crackers from Doug -- that's my boy!! Such a sweet tradition, so in-character of their relationship. Fun, quirky, humorous, and sentimental. Just like the people. :-)

III. Mark & David Greene. So incredibly touching. Anthony Edwards and John Collum (sp?) were amazing.

IV. Dave's pulling a "Ross." It was great how he behaved around that little girl. I say bump Cleo and make Dave a pediatrician -- even though that would be a *little* too close to Doug for me.

-- Arianne (, May 04, 2000.

This was one of the best episodes of the season. Every look at Mark's face was tugging at my heart strings. I am glad that David's ordeal was relatively painless.

-- Linda (, May 04, 2000.

awwww.... i was sobbing through out this entire eppy.i though that the way they ended david's life was encredible...and done perfectly. i was crying when i saw david give liz the pearls.. do you think its a good sign for mark and liz.... hopefully!! and finally the ending ....couldnt have been done better.. very , very sweet and down played.

-- rachel (, May 04, 2000.

I loved the scenes with Mark and his dad, and with Mark and Elizabeth, and with Carol and Kerry. It was nice to see Carol finally tell someone what she is thinking.

Also, I loved it when Doris said to the guy who stole her rig "Yeah, you're gonna get your wound checked!" And when Dave asked Kerry if he was a yuppy and she said "No, but you will be when you grow up."

I guess it looks more and more like Carol will go back with Doug. That would be the only decent way to end this storyline!

-- Melanie (, May 04, 2000.

* I was *very* relieved that Elizabeth was there for Mark. The interaction w/ Mark, Elizabeth, and David were perfect. * I also really enjoyed Kerry's comments to Carol..."I've known you for 5 years..."; very bittersweet because we know she's leaving soon. I almost expected her to hug Carol. FINALLY, she says what she's thinking. AND, I really wanted her to comment on Doug and see what Kerry said about him. The animal crackers thing *was* very quirky, very D&C...I wish there had been more on this, since it *was* in the previews. Just like for Match Made in Heaven...we only got one mention of Doug, despite it being in the previews. I do feel sorry for poor Luka...after telling her his heartbreaking story, he's very vulnerable to her. I'm thinking Luka is probably very traditional, in that their kissing is more significant to him. This is so frustrating...feeling sorry for the guy who didn't get the girl, even though I don't want him to get the girl. I was kind of disappointed he didn't find out about Doug's gift though, because I read that he would feel threatened by "romantic competition". * I really can't *stand* Romano's fake smile. I loved Deb's tactics though! * I want to give Cleo a chance, so I am disappointed that this show put her in a bad light...she looked to Malluchi to talk with the little girl. He was sweet though. Pulling a Doug Ross... * The ambulance girl (sorry can't remember what they're called!) and the stolen rig reminded me of the old ER! * Last but not least: "the good teacher", aka Carter. I did not like the lack of showing of Carter's problems, but since we see one week what we know he's hiding and the next week we *see* it, I know this will change next week and definetly for the finale. He is a wonderful teacher...I loved Malluchi being impressed with the camera, and Abby's comment on good teachers: camera showing her look at Carter. And I'm sorry, I know I'm over analyzing, but since I loved Lucy, I am going to tie this into the theory that Carter is trying very hard to be a good teacher because he is thinking about his dismissive teaching with Lucy. He *would* be a good chief resident, though I hate saying that because I love seeing him as the student. That's all for now, thanks for listening.

-- Elaine (, May 04, 2000.

I liked Cleo keeeping Maluchi with the little girl, even after Kerry said he was "outa there". Cleo got the tough job that needed to be done acomplished, with as little trama as posible to her patient. If that included going against Kerry, so be it. I must say, this one scene gave me more respect for two characters I really have never cared about, than the entire season combined.

-- Deb (, May 05, 2000.

Two questions I forgot to ask about Carter...first, was he still limping in this show? I couldn't tell, as he walked in at first I thought he was, but I couldn't tell for sure. Also, what was with Carter's "I slept like a baby" to Gamma? Does this mean something? Was he lying?

-- Elaine (, May 05, 2000.

I don't know, Elaine. Maybe Carter is self-medicating. He really didn't seem to be in much pain in last night's episode, and he didn't seem disturbed and depressed like he did last week. We'll see. If he is self-medicating, that would explain that why he was able to sleep through the night. I thought last night's episode was really good. The part with David and Mark was just heartbreaking. I commented to my husband that I wish TPTB would let Mark and Elizabeth get married. It would be nice to have one happily married couple on the show that we actually get to see. I thought the final scene with Elizabeth comforting Mark was very powerful. I hope that what was hinted in another thread about Peter and Elizabeth getting back together is not true. I'm looking forward to next week. Watching the previews last night reminded me of the moments in the past that I most liked with Carol. I especially loved seeing the one with Carter, Susan and Carol dancing. Well, here's hoping for two more weeks of powerful episodes like tonight.

-- Katrina (, May 05, 2000.

Elaine, that "I slept like a baby" made me smile because, when we say this in my friend group (all mothers), it has another meaning. We always say "I slept like a baby... woke up every two hours!";-)But I guess Carter did sleep well. He was so full of energy. It was just too much. It is puzzling...

-- Manon (, May 05, 2000.

Elaine, I thought the same thing about Carter working extra hard to be a good teacher after what happened to Lucy. and I loved his interaction with Malucci last night...keep that going! I really don't feel like Mark and Elizabeth are going to break up now. After the ending last night, I really feel like they will get closer (I hope!). Such sweet scenes with Mark and his dad. I was glad Carol finally opened up to someone I just wish she would be more forthcoming with Luka after stringing him along. All in all I must say I enjoyed just about everyone last night...from Abby to Romano (what was he thinking when Chen tricked him??). Good show! Can't wait for the next two!

-- amanda (, May 05, 2000.

Everything about Mark and David was absolutely fabulous. Right from the beginning when Mark looked like Hell, till the end when he just couldn't hold back anymore. I was SOOOO happy Elizabeth was there for him. I was so glad that David remained David for his last moments, begging Elizabeth to stay and showing how much he likes her, refusing to eat, even telling Mark about when he was a baby. And I'm sure it solaces Mark to know that some of their last words to each other were that they loved each other. Some people don't get that chance and Mark knows that well. It must have been so hard for him to have to take the oxygen out and shut off the light. Even though he does it all the time, sort of a parallel to Peter and his mother in season one. That whole plot was wonderfully acted.

As for Carol and Kerry, I'm glad Kerry was so understanding. I know she's a bitch, but she doesn't have to be and what she did last night proved it. She can be understanding and caring and it's that bitch in her that keeps the ED running so smoothly. '

I think I liked this episode, but Carol did make me a little worried for a while there. But next week is an episode we will "cherish", so it's gotta be good.

-- Joanne (, May 05, 2000.

I must say this was one of my favorite episodes of the season. I broke down completely when Mark said "I love you Dad." The look on his face, was so moving. The whole David/Mark scene just left me in tears, a lot of tears. Bravo to Anthony Edwards and John Collum for their fine work! And the scene with Mark/Elizabeth at the end was more than powerful. Elizabeth has certainly been a friend that's as solid as a rock. She is simply a wonderful friend.

As for the rest of the episode, I think I have to go back, and watch it again. It was hard to concentrate with all the sobbing I was doing. But I did notice one thing...was it just me or did Kerry have her glasses on crooked in every shot? It was just a little thing that irked me.

-- Jen (, May 05, 2000.

Oh my gosh! So many favorites with me last night! 1. Carol and Kerry talking. I *loved* how Kerry didn't just let it drop when Carol insisted that her problems were no big deal. She reminded Carol that they had known each other for 5 years, and Kerry could tell that Carol was having some major issues. Slightly reminiscent of the old "ER". 2. Elizabeth being there for Mark, just hugging him and letting him cry. 3. The slight smile on David's face after death. He looked very much at peace. 4. Chen trapping Romano into signing the petition. I still get a big smile on my face thinking of it. It was perfect! :) 5. I don't like Cleo, but last night I actually did a little. She was so sweet and gentle with the little girl. I enjoyed seeing Maluchi in a serious, intense mode. He didn't bug me at all during his scenes with the girl. A first! Another first for me last night was crying. I have never cried during ER. For some reason, though, I did when David gave his wife's necklace to Elizabeth, when David died, and when Mark starting crying. It was all very sweet. I truly enjoyed this episode!

-- kristal (, May 05, 2000.

I taped ER last night and watched it tonight, and even though I had been reading this board today and knew so many details, the tears were flowing at David's death. This was a beautiful episode. I loved Mark, David, and Elizabeth, the actors' portrayals were wonderful, and so right on.

I have to say this about Romano and Chen; yes, I'm the one who started the "what were they (the writers) thinking" thread about those two "sharing a passionate kiss," as I read in a spoiler, but the look on his face when she out-manoeuvred him was interesting. That was not the same tight-lipped, fake smile he gave the mom of the retarded girl a couple of weeks ago. That was (IMHO) a measuring, grudgingly respectful kind of smile. I still don't want to see them kiss, and I still say "EWW," but it was interesting. I can't stand Romano, but Paul McCrane can sure act!

Carol and Luka; I thought very uncharitable thoughts about her when she just said, "I'm breaking our date. It's not you, it's me. Gotta go." Poor Luka. The guy deserves much, much, much, better.

-- Felicity (, May 05, 2000.

I have never commented on any show but the May 4th show was outstanding. If Anthony and John do not recieve some kind of recognition for their preformences I will be very dissapointed.I was so moved I felt it deep in my heart. I have been in very simular situations with both my parents, my mother with cancer in 1990 and my father with heart failure in 1987. I was a care giver with both and was there when they passed away. I would not trade those last few months, days, hours, or seconds for anything. The last hours between Mark and his father the looks the words I love you were precious. The kiss and the straightening of Davids hair and cloths nice touchs. Most men use I love yous so spairingly untill the end are sadley the way things are. One of the writers had to of experienced this to have written it with so much feeling. I will hold my own memories in my heart for ever. Hears to more wonderful episodes!!!!!

-- Larecia McNett (REESAS PIECESLKM@AOL.COM), May 07, 2000.

I'm so glad everyone enjoyed the episode as much as I did. I've been a bit apprehensive about David dying, not just for the obvious reasons, but just because of how it would go. It was so perfect and subdued and rewarding. *Some people have not been much interested in Mark and Elizabeth, but I think this plot shows that they are the same kind of people. On \this rollarcoaster show I would appreciate some stability and...regular life stuff :) and these two can provide that. Mark and Susan weren't extremely passionate either but I would wager that most people wanted them together. *Elaine: you hit on the secret about Luka\Carol\Doug- thanks for phrasing it so well. I agree that Carter is trying to be more attentive and responsible to make up for his percieved guilt- even tho he's on some kind of meds (IMO) he seems more like Good ol' Carter than he has since season 5 began. (BTW, I never liked Lucy or Carter's interaction with her, and once he gets thru his present problems, I hope he can return to more his usual self.) *I just realized that I didn't see the facial expressions of Mark and David hthat you are all comlementing- because I covered my eyes! oops. *Kristal: if you've never cried during ER before you are strong! *One more thing. I was very surprised that Carol would talk (or rather blurt) to Kerry. I know she was really the only one possible, but they've never got along, though have showed some sharing lately (the central line girl). I thought it was great though, a real outsider's opinion to put things in perspective. *Great epi and I'm not sayig any more :)

-- May (, May 07, 2000.

I keep reading posts where people want Carter to be himself again, to get back to usual. I think he'll recover and be wonderful, but I don't think he'll ever be the same as he was. I think he'll be an even more interesting and lovable character not despite all he's been through but because of it. I don't think he can ever be as innocent again, but that doesn't mean he won't be fun or enthusiastic. Like the old saying goes, that which does not kill us makes us stronger. May be a little too literal in this case, but I for one am excited about seeing who Carter is on the other side of the attack.

-- Diana (, May 08, 2000.

I agree with you completely Diana. About Carter I meant just that, His fun and enthusiasm, not his innocence. Innocence is fine in a med student but by the time you're older and asenior resident it isn't realistic. Enthusiam really is the right word for him, that's what I think was missing somewhat in S5.

-- May (, May 10, 2000.

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