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-- Bradford DeLong (, May 04, 2000


>>I want to watch these trends over the next year. Perhaps I will then be able to catch the winner-take-all economy in motion, for I predict that a larger share of referrals to my site will come from both Altavista and Paul Krugman in a year than come from them today. <<

Ten bucks sez otherwise. Altavista, maybe. But you need to figure into your projections that Krugman's website has begun to suck badly, since he got that NY Times column. It hasn't been updated for the last month. I've stopped bothering with it and I used to be a daily visitor. BTW, are sure that == Krugman? If there are a few students with MIT homepages that have bookmarked your site, that might skew things???



-- dd (, May 04, 2000.

I can understand that the economy of scale would give Altavista advantage. However, I dont see Prof. Krugman's website being a central role. His website provides mostly his original content and is not organized for general viewing habit on the internet. Thus, I feel people go to his site more for his content than for general economic information. Because economists very often disagree, wouldnt this fact makes the demand for economic information highly fragmented and further reduced the economic of scale of his website?

-- Victor Cheng (, May 04, 2000.

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