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Okay, Torey, Bloodshed? Pick a monster from MR2 that you like and that suits your personality. Then, tell me what it is. Why? I'm making myself a birthday card (my B-day is coming up in about a week) and I want you guys in it. I'm going to draw you as monsters of your choice. For everyone else: Sorry, but I have room for two MAYBE three people/monsters in my B-day card. Complain to me and I'll try to squish you in.

Note: I can't draw human faces, so only pick a Pixie-type monster if you really have to. Also, I have already chosen the Daton as my monster, so don't pick a Daton. For that matter, if you see that someone has chosen a monster, don't choose that monster. No repeats, please.


P.S.- If you want me to make you a B-day card, just tell me a week or so before your actual B-day, and tell me who you want in it and what monsters they want to be drawn as. Furthermore, from now on, I'll be posting holiday cards on this board, such as Christmas, Valentine's Day, et cetera. I'll try for a Mother's Day card next.

-- Justice (, May 04, 2000


Soon maybe? *g* Sorry to push you guys, but it takes awhile to draw stuff, ink it, scan it, repair mistakes, color it with Adobe Photoshop, and upload it. The sooner you guys tell me what you want to be, the sonner I can get that s**t done. Again, sorry...

-- Justice (, May 05, 2000.

justice, my favorite is pixie, but...i dont want to be a pixie, if you know what i mean. my next is golem, but that has a face. if you want one without a face, make me a worm - they were my favorite in mr1, and i am waiting until i get tired of playing mr2 then i'm going to raise a ranch full of worms - i like them long slender wiggly things...

-- torey luvullo (, May 05, 2000.

I likes Worms too... they're damn reliable! Okay, *checks Torey off her list and starts frantically sketching* who's next?

-- Justice (, May 05, 2000.

I am so sorry justice i just didn't ge to it until now sorry, i would really like to be a regular tiger, because i am a fast thinker when it comes to problems

-- Bloodshed (, May 05, 2000.

Hey, no prob, Bloodshed! *g* Tiger it is! Okay, anyone else... I have room for Bloodshed as a Tiger and one maybe two more. Anyone else want to be in my card? Anyone? Someone? *pause* Hello?

-- Justice (, May 05, 2000.

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