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Thanks for your time, Chris

-- Chris Donovan (, May 04, 2000


The site is nicely designed, viewers can easily tell that you spend much time on it! But the sad thing is, perhaps you spend too much time on it. The main screen is really nice if and only if I am using some super fast connection. It took more than a minute to just load the menus and icons, that is a big no-no even for a graphical website. You have two icons (or even more) mouse-overs for your menu, that takes a long time to load, usualy viewers will not want to stay for over a minute just to see how the images will change when they mouse over it. I think that the icon is beautiful enough on its own with out the mouseover (the one with the News, Bios, etc).

The Photo section is nice and simple, which is nice, I like it. Things are being consistent. Mouseovers are good only when they are under control. One thing is the fact that the [Previous/Next] icons are too distracting.

So, pretty much only the main page that is suffering from too much [unsee] graphics, the rest of the site is pretty consistent. Just one final thought, make sure you don't over do the graphics, because after awhile it seems that they have a life of their own and they become kind of distracting. It is like, going into a gallery show and the titles and text around the photo is bigger and more colorful than the photos itself, that is when you know you got a problem!

PS. nice Flash for Chris action figures, hehe

Sincerely, Henry Chan

-- Henry Chan (, May 12, 2000.

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