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Comments for Life on the Screen

-- Bradford DeLong (, May 04, 2000


I was fascinated to read your review of Turkle's 'Life on the Screen', in particular your comments about her notions on structured programming. I'm doing a PhD that takes apart in detail her interpretation of programming styles, in relation to gender in particular . This is the very first time i've come across anything or anyone agreeing with what i always imagined was a fairly obvious thesis. Do you know if anyone else has 'debunked' or criticised Turkle on programming? Also, any knowledge you might have about where to publish a paper would be hugely appreciated - as a hybrid area of research, it is very difficult to find obvious journals to place it with.

Many thanks,

Peter . . . . Contributed by Peter McKenna ( on July 14, 1999.

-- Peter McKenna (, May 04, 2000.

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