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-- Bradford DeLong (, May 04, 2000


I have found your site really fascinating - getting it referenced on The Economist web-page! Thanks for sharing you extensive work and for the great sense of humour!

However, I could not get to the refernce I was particularly interested in, namely J. Bradford DeLong, "Introduction to the Symposium on Business Cycles," Journal of Economic Perspectives (1999).

Please, would you kindly email it to me!

And, do you take on new Teaching Fellows who are not Economists but good facilitators of learning, fast to pick things up and interested in new perspectives while being unorthodox? If so, I would like to explore the possibility for the next year.

Kind regards from leafy Virginia Water in Surrey, UK

Lilly Mindful Learning Guide ----------------------

Dr Lilly Evans Dipl.Ing. Managing Director, Strategic Learning Web :-) Contributed by Lilly Evans ( on November 11, 1999.

-- Lily Evans (, May 04, 2000.

I well read your article. I'm working as economic journalist in S. Korea for 14 years. Now I'm studying the department of economics at Princeton university. My company supports me to study 1 year in USA. I'm now studying the Asian financial crises, expecially Korea.

As you pointed out this article, Korea has much difficulties in overecoming the 'crony capitalism'. Korea had a nice balance sheet at the start of the 1997 financial crisis. That is to say that Korea suffered the economic hardship only because of the temporary illiquidity. Political instabilities were deeply engaged in the crisis. Post Korean government issues too many licenses treating foreign exchange trade to weak merchants banks which borrowed much dollar abroad and caused the financial crisis.

Thank you for your helpful article for my study. I hope you have consistent attention toward the Asian region, especially for Korea.

Sincerely, Contributed by Kyung-Wook, Lee ( on November 30, 1999.

-- Kyung-Wook Lee (, May 04, 2000.

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