Wuz Up!!!!

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hey this is my new message board, you can talk aout anything you want to , see ya around!!!!

-- Kyle (psychotic_mage@bored.com), May 03, 2000


For age 40 your pretty cool torey

-- Kyle (psychotic_mage@bored.com), May 04, 2000.

Hello....Kyle...never knew that was your name.

-- RaPtOr2157 (raptor2157@aol.com), May 03, 2000.


-- torey luvullo (toreyluvullo@hotmail.com), May 04, 2000.

Greetings, ppls! Having fun? *blink blink blink* FORTY? Dear lord...

-- Justice (DemonCougar@hotmail.com), May 04, 2000.


-- RaPtOr2157 (raptor2157@aol.com), May 04, 2000.

actaully, 45. and, uh, um....

i forgot what i was going to say about that.

-- torey luvullo (toreyluvullo@hotmail.com), May 05, 2000.

I'm sorry torey i shouldn't of blirted that out, i apologize

-- Kyle (psychotic_mage@@bored.com), May 06, 2000.

no offense taken...i yam what i yam.

-- torey luvullo (toreyluvullo@hotmail.com), May 06, 2000.

HOLY CRAP!!!!!!!! FORTY????? My world is crumbling around me. An older guy who likes video games? WHAT DOES IT ALL MEAN!?!??!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

-- Lejes the Saint of Justice (Lejes_Saint@webtv.net), May 07, 2000.

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