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Spoiler information on the Season finale:

"May Day"

Dr. Kovac (Goran Visnjic) crosses swords with Benton (Eriq LaSalle) over prioritizing care for a young victim (guest star Kyle Sullivan) of a deadly school shooting versus a more seriously wounded gunman (guest star Michael Johnson). Benton and Dr. Corday (Alex Kingston) share a moment of mutual triumph when they successfully complete a risky but life-saving surgical procedure on a wounded student from the schoolyard. Kovac's draining day continues when he attempts to browbeat a teenaged stabbing victim (guest star Emily Bergl) into allowing him to birth her unwanted and unborn baby despite her adamant wishes to let the child die. A combative Dr. Carter (Noah Wyle) is confronted by Dr. Greene (Anthony Edwards) and other ER doctors over his behavior since being attacked. Greene tries to convince a hardy rugby player (guest star Stewart Finley-McLennan) that his injuries are more serious than he thinks.

-- Diana (, May 03, 2000


Similar to a previous thread that I found later, but a bit new information. Wonder if something is going on with Benton and Corday?

-- Diana (, May 03, 2000.

diane, i was wondering the same thing. do you think they might get back together?

-- Alexis Springer (, May 03, 2000.

NOOOOOOOOOOO! Not Benton and Corday! Blech. I want Lizzie to stay with Mark. Just had to express that...

-- Jennifer M. (, May 03, 2000.

I'd like to know where this spoiler information came from. As we all know, some sources are more reliable than others.

-- Jessica (, May 03, 2000.

If they break Mark and Elizabeth up now that would be a horrible mistake. I know some people think that they aren't the best couple, but after the last show, all I want to see is Elizabeth there to comfort Mark. Since Eric LaSalle doesn't want the relationship between Elizabeth and Benton, I don't think anything will happen. I hope it's kind of like the Doug and Anna thing on the season 3 ending...they bond because of a patient, but then Doug goes to Carol...Elizabeth goes home to Mark. I also don't see a Benton/Cleo break up, but you never know. I did like Benton and Elizabeth together, but the writers made me like Mark nad Elizabeth too, so it would be horrible to break them up right after his dad's death.

-- Elaine (, May 03, 2000.

Elain...that's right. From all indications, Marks father is going to die either this week or next. How awful to do it next week, when JM leaves, it should be this week which adds to all the buildup to the season finale. That's awful, awful...Mark's mom just died, his dad is about they have to take his girl, too? OUCH. Let's just kick the poor puppy who just thrown over the fence and then run over.

I hope that this 'moment of triumph' is just a professional victory in the operating room, that's it. If they are BOTH working on a surgery, though, it's probably pretty serious and pretty hairy...and a success would be triumphant.

-- M. Harmon (, May 03, 2000.

Someone above asked if I thought Corday and Benton might be headed somewhere and my answer is I don't know. Others have said otherwise, but my feeling on the night she clashed so much with Cleo over her going to Benton was it was more than professional. If it had been only professional Elizabeth wouldn't have brought up Cleo and Peter's relationship and she did. Maybe Eriq has changed his mind.

-- Diana (, May 04, 2000.

BTW, this spoiler information came from They've been pretty accurate. See Samira's thread above (Major Spoiler from AICN)! If this is the same website I saw before last Thursday's epi, it was eerily accurate.

-- Diana (, May 04, 2000.

I really hope Elizabeth and Benton don't get back together. Mark needs her and Benton doesn't deserve her. Anyway I don't think the writers would do that, especially not after what they've done to Mark. His whole life is falling apart - he can't lose Lizzie as well, that would just be the final straw, he'd probly kill himself or something drastic then imagine the guilt.

Anyway, sounds like SOMEONE is finally going to confront Carter - Elaine, I like the idea of him shouting out something along the lines of 'Lucy's dead' etc so that people HAVE to notice it. They can't just leave it till next season, that would be terrible,

-- Juliet (, May 04, 2000.

PS, It seems there are always people who need convincing that their injuries are 'more serious than they think'

PSS I was looking over a review of Be Patient the other day and noticed how that lady with the poisoned baby seemed to behave similarly to the staff about her baby's death - not literally, she was much more hysterical, but the way she was saying 'Make her breathe - use your machines - she's still warm!' etc just reminded me of Romano when Lucy died, trying to get her heart to start again and again in vain and also the fact that no one seems to have fully accepted she's dead. Just a thought.

-- Juliet (, May 04, 2000.

PSSS (This is the last one :) It seems Luka's got a thing with babies and living, but that's not surprising.

-- Juliet (, May 04, 2000.

It has been reported everywhere that the finale will be pretty shocking. Since the storylines with Mark and Carol have pretty will have ended by then, Carter's storyline is left to deal with,andI am VERY excited. Would he really run away? I mean, the tabloids were way too right about most things; I even perhaps see a Deb/Romano thing, and I NEVER would have before. I think if they just went at it it would be absolutely hysterical above anything. But back to Carter, up 'til now EVERYONE thinks he is just fine. What's going to happen to wake people up about him?

-- Elaine (, May 05, 2000.

I am really going to miss Carol. There are 2 nurses in my family (one retired) and I always felt that Carol was the ultimate nurse. Was JM the perfect person to play Carol or what? In addition, the character was written well: strong, dedicated, gentle, caring, smart, yet oh so human. I loved it when she decided not to pursue her MD! I always felt that society in general and tv in particular viewed nurses as second class citizens to the docs. Hopefully the part of Nurse Carol Hathaway helped change this view. Enough on that subject. I was very touched by last night's episode:the interaction between Dr. Greene and his Dad (and Elizabeth) in particular. Anthony E. is wonderful. One last comment: Noah W. MUST honor his contract! Carter CAN'T leave!

-- Laura Jenkins (, May 05, 2000.

I think a lot of people out there share your opinion Laura, including me. Carter fans way out number Carol, Luka, Mark, Kerry, etc. fans! By the way, does anybody know of any spoilers related to Carter's role in the season finale? What note is he going to end the season on? I'm just throwing this out there, info please!

-- Gina G. (, May 08, 2000.

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