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How to get your case dismissed when you're hauled into Court.

One man said to the court, "The Constitution says "No State shall make any Thing but gold and silver Coin a Tender in Payment of Debts", but this court constantly Does, so this court must not be "The State". If you are not "the State", Who the Hell are you people?" Court said, "Case Dismissed", "record sealed".

Another man, told them "I am not a "subject" of the British Crown, and the Court Rules and State Codes are "Copyrighted", and I do Not have permission to use them, therefore the Prosecution cannot use them against me." - "case dismissed", "record sealed".

Another man was ORDERED to get an Attorney before the next HEARING date or he would be put in jail. The date arrived, and the Judge said, "Well do o have an attorney?" The man said "Judge, I tried, but I couldn't find an attorney who was qualified and willing to take my case, who was not an "Esquire". "Case Dismissed" , "Record Sealed"

Steven Ames' (of Harrisburg, Pensylvania) Father denied that he was a British "Subject". The Judge said "You prove you are Not one."

The reason that the Court "seals the records", seems to be that they (Judges/Lawyers) do NOT want the knowledge to get out:

1. that the Courts-are NOT Courts of Law, but Courts of " "Subject" Code Behavior Administration".

2. that the Courts are Not Courts of the State government (with separation of powers), but "private meetings" of "Lawyers" only.

3. that all "Lawyers", and therefore all "Judges", are "Esquire" - a "Title of Nobility" granted by the British Crown, via InterNational Bar- Lawyer organization of London, England.

4. that all these "Private courts" use "private copyrighted" Court Rules" and published private "Codes", copyrighted by England.

5. that the Lawyer-Courts ignore "State Law" and also "State Code", if and when it suits their purpose - their purpose is Courts convened in the "interests of Justice". (Justice = collection of "just amount" of "presumed debt").

6. that the courts' purpose is to collect from and administer behavior of "Debtors" to the British Crown, without The People knowing that they are serfs/vassals/slaves on the British Crown's Colony titled "United States" (fiction) and/or one of its member corporation fiction States.

7 that all Courts are "Military Occupation" Courts of the British Crown, per Treaties.

8. that the American People are actually "slaves of Feudalism" by the

British Crown per Treaties, and always have been,- and under the feudal Law of ENGLAND through the language of modern STATUTE Law. The Constitution was a "Con" fr

-- ... (, May 03, 2000


Off the meds again, eh? Go over to the medicine cabinet. There they are, the little blue pills. Take two with some water. Ah, better now? Getting sleepy, sleepy, sleepy..........:^)

-- Jim Cooke (, May 03, 2000.

Judges and laywers are no more Esquire than are you and me. The use of "Esquire" here is simply an archaic form of address to a gentleman. Today we do not say "Joe Fabeetz, Esq", we say "Mr. Joe Fabeetz."

Lawyers like to use the term "Esquire" because they think it makes them sound important. After all, doctors get to use "Doctor" as a form of address. Why shouldn't lawyers have something distinctive, something to set them apart from common ordinary civilians?

The problem is, "Doctor" is an official title, and is recognized to apply quite officially to physicians (and others), and is also part of their degree.

The use of "Esquire" is absolutely unofficial. Anyone (male) is fully entitled to use this term. The neighborhood school dropout drunk can quite rightly call himself "Joe Fabeetz, Esq.," wheareas if he tried to pass himself off as "Dr. Joe Fabeetz," he would be questioned as an impostor or a fraud.

The greatest irony is when female lawyers append the antiquated title "Esquire" to their names. This is equivalent to calling herself "Mister Samantha Jones."

-- Scarecrow (Somewhere@Over.Rainbow), May 03, 2000.

I have heard this stuff (gold fringed flag implies Admiralty courts) for a long while. As a non-lawyer, I don't understand Federal, State and common laws, codes, etc. that are applied. My question: Are there any lawyers out there who are willing to give us the inside scoop on the courts and laws???

Also, if you consult an older version of a law dictionary, the last definition of the word "vessel" is person (not ship or boat), thus one can conclude that the courts are extending Admiralty law to people's courts.

Does anyone know where to purchase an old law dictionary?

-- phoneman (, May 03, 2000.

Manny fucking ESQ. I like the sound of that.

-- Manny (, May 03, 2000.

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