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All Americans please forward and email this message to all your email friends! *************************************************************** > > Dear Citizens, Patriots, Veterans, Constitutionalists, Christians, et al: >

> 1- Well, ladies and gentlemen, this may be "it." The "IT" we have all > been waiting for and preparing for, for the past 3 to 4 years. It is finally > upon us. As you can see from the subject title, "URGENT ALERT! Prepare for > real NBC attack by early-mid June 2000!" >

> 2- From all indications and calculations, a real NBC attack has 75% to > 95% probability of being perpetrated before the end of June 2000. That's in > about 6 to 8 weeks maximum. How can our government be so precise in their > surety that it will happen? Well, because THEY are the ones who will be > perpetrating it and will attempt to blame it on the ISLAMIC international > terrorists - mainly because our fed gov feels that they need some plausible > enemy scape goat to blame the attack on. And goodness knows, the feds > (Clinton) have been trying to provoke the Islamics into attacking us for > quite sometime now, without any results, with all the bombing of Iraq, > Islamic Slavic nations, Sudan, Afganistan, Pakistan, etc. >

> 3- Why June and why the Islamics???? Cuz, don't you know that there is > some ISLAMIC HOLY day in June, and the Islamics have been known to perpetrate > a "Jihad" or holy war on those dates? And what better "enemy" then the evil, > hated strange people from a strange land? >

> 4- Ever wonder why our federal government keeps publishing in the > mainstream press that it is NOT the case of IF there will be an NBC attack > but WHEN it will happen? >

> 5- So how do I know all of this? Cuz I have been in contact with a > good, moral and Constitutional federal agency (you probably didn't know that > there WAS such an animal did you?) who has seen fit to reveal the bad feds' > plans. >

> 6- Here is the story and all the details that lead up to this > impending NBC attack and all the documented evidence pointing to the > certainty that it WILL occur and that it WILL be in JUNE 2000. >

> 7- First you all need to be made aware that even before (two months > exactly) our founding fathers signed our Declaration of Independence from the > EVIL King George of England, there was a group of usurpers who called > themselves the Illuminati, or the illuminated, knowledgeable ones. They are > the ones who planned the New World Order and the modern version of the > illuminati is the GANG of 300 who are the current 300 world rulers. >

> 8- These are the individual rich and powerful bosses who control the > World Bank, the International Monetary Fund, the United Nations, the > Builderbergers, the Council on Foreign Relations, the Federal Reserve System, > the Tri-Lateral Commission, GATT, NAFTA, EURO dollar, the Royalty of all of > the nations of Europe, and the major international banks, the gold and > diamond mines, the oil reserves and such families as the Roosevelts, the > Vanderbuilts, the Carnegies, the Kennedys, the Kissingers, and many others. >

> 9- Capitalism, Communism, Nobility, Democracy, Socialism, Global > Government (United Nations) and other political entities are all working > together toward the same end. >

> 10- Their idea is TOTAL WORLD DOMINATION and a frightening REDUCTION in > the population of the entire world. They want to start off with a mere 25% > reduction in population (read this as EXTERMINATION and massive GENOCIDE) by > mid to late 2001. Within four years by 2004 they hope to achieve OVER 50% > reduction in world population. And by 2020 they plan on 95% elimination of > existing populations. >

> 11- What do they expect from this world wide extermination? Well, if they > can hold the total world population down to about half a billion people > maximum (500 million) they may reassess their end goal. Some of these modern > illuminati want the figure closer to 200 million. At 6 billion population > now, half a billion would be 1/12th or 92% reduction. >

> 12- But WHY do they want to do this? Because they mistakenly believe that > the world is too crowded and too polluted and that all the natural resources > will be used up. So they want to eliminate all the people (except for > themselves and enough slaves to serve them) so that there will be enough oil, > gas, trees, animals, plants, and food for them ONLY! This is in addition to > the sense of POWER and CONTROL they will have over LIFE and DEATH itself! >

> 13- Now you know why Emperor Clinton sent Hillary to the Builderberger > summit in Sweden and all the world leaders subsequently met in Portugal -that > is to discuss how their plans are coming along and what to do next and how to > overcome their obstacles - namely Patriots, Constitutionalists, and > Christians. Why do you think Clinton is so untouchable? Cuz he is ONE of > them. He is their USA puppet. He can do ANYTHING and get away with it > because they are protecting him. >

> 14- Why do you think the federal government and all the other world > governments have been on a program to prevent births, perform abortions, > sterilize men and women, insert Norplant contraceptive chemical tubes in > women's arms, perform as many hysterectomies as possible, promote > homosexuality which the practice itself prevents births, and recently > especially partial birth abortions? Not to mention proposed National Health > Care and the power over life and death and health the HMOs are practicing. >

> 15- Why do you think that the FDA, Food and Drug Administration, has > allowed medical doctors to prescribe drugs to U.S. citizens that causes over > 170,000 deaths per year because of bad reactions to these drugs? For the > dual purpose of making money and eliminating more people. Also, the feds use > We the People as guinea pigs to test these new drugs as a precaution before > the rich, elite, modern day illuminati and their families take the drugs? >

> 16- Why do you think Monsanto has come up with genetically engineered > corn, wheat, oats, potatoes and literally hundreds of other foods that are > called TERMINATOR SEEDS? Farmers usually plant their crops and save the > best fruits and grain seeds from the harvest for replanting. Now they have > to buy seeds from the Genetic seed companies which will ONLY grow one crop > cuz their seeds are sterile? Well, very simple, it all deals with greed, > money, power, and control. The companies will make 100 times the amount of > money because now they control the seeds which will grow only one crop. And > they can withhold the seeds in order to starve the people out, thus, reducing > the world's populations according to their New World Order Plans. >

> 17- Why do you suppose there are so many strange, new, and exotic > diseases befalling the world today? Well they have all been genetically > engineered to be untreatable, thus, producing even MORE deaths. Just think > of the deadly hemorrhagic (internal bleeding) disease caused by the > laboratory produced Ebola virus. >

> 18- What about the HIV-AIDS virus which has recently been not only > discovered,but as it turns out in the courts and law suits to determine who > discovered it, a battle between a French scientist and an American scientist, > it turns out that the American won because he proved that he genetically > engineered and invented HIV 15 years PRIOR to the Frenchman's "discovery." > HIV-AIDS causes the immune system to fail to protect the body from disease. >

> 19- What about the Crutchfeld-Jacob PRION protein which is the Mad Cow > Disease? There are hints now that it also was produced in the laboratory. >

> 20- Remember the Legionaires' Respiratory Disease? It was created and > tested on the American Legion members in a conference through the air > conditioning system. >

21- What about the VERY recent New York Viral Encephalitis that > attacked citizens in New York? Why do you suppose the FBI all of a sudden > showed up saying they were investigating a possible terrorist attack using > biological weapons????? Hey, they had not even determined what the causitive > organism was yet and the feds were Johnny on the Spot! >

> 22- Why do you think the Gulf War veterans all came back sick with > various and diverse diseases? Well, the feds sold dozens of different lethal > organisms to Saddam Hussein to use against Iran!!!! so that the Islamics > could wipe out each other! More population reductions. >

> 23- But Saddam used some of the biological warfare agents against U.S. > soldiers and United Nations troops. But that is NOT how most of the vets got > the Gulf War Syndrome set of different diseases. Because even those military > personnel who did NOT go to the Gulf came down with the diseases. >

> 24- Here is what happened. A mixture of organisms and chemicals were > mixed in the vaccinations administered to the soldiers. This way there would > be so many different signs and symptoms that doctors could NOT determine what > the disease causing organism was and therefore would NOT be able to treat for > it. Hence, more people will die. >

> 25- But one set of doctors examined many vets and analyzed many > different chemicals and organisms and discovered at least ONE causative > organism. This is the Mycoplasm fermentans bacterium. The only problem was > that it was not a normal germ. Turns out that the Mycoplasm is the smallest > bacterium in the world, smaller than ALL bacteria but it does NOT have a > cell wall surrounding it like all the other bacteria, it has only a membrane. > >

> 26- But there was something VERY fishy about this one. It had some > type of protein coating surrounding it and protecting it. This coating > allowed it to enter the body and NOT be detected or treated against. After > analysis, they discovered that the protein protective coating was none other > than the protein coat that surrounds and protects the HIV-AIDS virus. Now > that cannot occur in nature and it was genetically engineered in the > laboratory to create an indefensible biological weapon. Namely, a cross > between the deadly HIV-AIDS virus and a bacterium. Certainly God would not > create such a thing in nature. >

> 27- How do I know all of this? Well, because it is in the medical > literature and there are people who have written books documenting it. And I > personally spoke on the phone with a Dr. Goss in Oklahoma City who has been > treating Gulf War Victims. Only, he and his cohorts discovered that the Mycop > lasm fermentans is hightly contagious and the wives and children contracted > it from their husbands/fathers servicemen. Dr. Goss contracted it from his > patients and transmitted it to his own wife and children. They have it > mostly under control now but this genetically engineered biological warfare > organism is still hiding somewhere in their bodies. >

> 28- Why do you think that Clinton has illegally and UNConstitutionally > given over the control of nearly 50% of the land mass of America to the > United Nations through the Biosphere Habitat Act and the American Rivers > Heritage Act. This is to remove the people from the wilderness areas, > concentrate them into the urban areas where they can be monitored, tracked, > and picked up and incarcerated when given the signal. >

> 29- Also, the United Nations along with our evil federal government > wants to make all of these areas OFF-LIMITS to ALL humans for a number of > years so these areas can revert back to their natural states of former > beauty - to be preserved SOLELY for the rich, elite, modern day illuminati > and their families. >

> 30- Let me get back to the impending NBC attack on civilians before I > delve into the attrocities planned for us. Why do you think Clinton created > all of his illegal, UNConstitutional Presidential Executive Orders and > Presidential Directive Decisions? This is to totally do away with all > government as we know it and to turn over the government to a military > organization called FEMA or the Federal Emergency Management Agency. >

> 31- When Clinton or his successor finally declares martial law and the > Constitution is suspended, FEMA will enforce martial law with NO recourse to > the courts. >

> 32- Why do you think Clinton had the Congress appropriate $2.3 billions > to create his special training program called Train the Trainers dealing with > anti-terrorism and anti-NBC protection and training. Notice that ONLY the > politicians, military, law enforcement, and rich elites will have the benefit > of protection from NBC. That is because We the People are the TARGETS of the > NBC chemical and biological attacks! >

> 33- Have you noticed lately, within the past 6 to 8 months that there is > a lot of news reports of the military, marines, navy, army, and civilian law > enforcement agencies going through URBAN WARFARE training all over the United > States?? Why is our military and local law enforcement being trained to > attack us citizens? Sure they will come up with some excuse and other > plausible deniability!!! But that is what it is for. >

> 34- Have you noticed most recently that the military and civilian law > enforcement agencies are now training for NBC attacks? >

> 35- Have you read the latest Patriot internet posts that something big > is going to happen in an unnamed period of 10 days in May? They are > training for unannounced terrorist attacks using simulated chemical and > biological warfare agents! >

> 36- Why just tonight I got new information that in the Southern > California area, Los Angeles, North Hollywood, Long Beach, Santa Ana, Orange > County and numerous other cities, the feds, and military and local law > enforcement officials are planning to use their recent NBC training to > surprise city officials in mock attacks against our cities. There is talk > of only three cities in different states. But the information I got tonight > is that these simulated REALISTIC training exercises will occur nationwide in > from 150 to 300 cities. >

> 37- The feds, military and local law enforcement personnel have already > been trained in the detection, avoidance, analysis, decontamination, and > treatment of exposure to NBC agents and now they are going to surprise attack > the cities for their practice runs in preparation for the REAL THING. >

> 38- Part of these attacks will be thru aerial contrails, chemtrails, and > biotrails that you see in the skies. They have been practicing for several > years now and it is really scary how sometimes it is difficult to determine > with a cursory glance if an NBC trail is a cloud or a biological or chemical > warfare agent trail. >

> 39- Clinton wrote an EO. or a PDD or some type of federal decree that he > (the federal government) gave the military permission to perpetrate, > practice, and perform biological warfare experiments against us citizens in > order to prepare for terrorists' attacks. Naturally ONLY citizens will be > attacked but NOT our government. >

> 40- Clinton has announced to the United States citizens and to the world > that there are 120 major cities in the US that are vulnerable to NBC attacks > and I have sent out previously the list of cities that terrorists (he) plans > to attack. >

> 41- Clinton also authorized real live sub-lethal bacterial and viral > organisms to be used in these practice and trial attacks against us citizens. > That is why all over the nation there have been 100s and 1000s of people, > especially seniors and very small children to get sick and many have died > from these STRANGE flu-like symptoms that the doctors can't determine what > the causitive organism is. >

> 42- Here over the Los Angeles and Southern California areas there have > been hundreds upon hundreds of chem-biotrail tests over the past year. Ever > notice how the trails - if they were true condensation trails from the > plane's engines and exhaust which don't even begin until over 30,000 feet > altitude, that they are down to 10,000 feet? Water vapor cannot form vapor > trails at 10,000 feet. The biotrails criss-cross each other and they are > tracked by satellite to determine their movements and dispersion. >

> 43- Last year and the year before I was able to go online and download > all the information from the U.S. Army Chemical warfare agency about chemical > and biological warfare and protection from it and treatment of it. Now the > websites don't exist and those that do have all mention of this information > removed or blocked and NOT PERMITTED to be seen by mere citizens. >

> 44- Here is what the U.S. Army Chemical and Biological Warfare Agency > had to say about terrorism and NBC attacks: >

> a- It costs $2,000.00 per square kilometer to annihilate all life > within the area by using nuclear and radiological weapons. OBTW why do you > think Clinton authorized the U.S. Army to attack Iraq with spent uranium > bullets, artillery shells and such? That's cuz not only are these > projectiles VERY heavy and VERY penetrating, but when why explode they > vaporize into dust. People breathe in the dust and get radiation poisoning > and radiation sickness. The U.S. predicted that there would be a minimum of > 100,000 NEW cases of leukemia in the children in Iraq from the uranium > weapons. And sure enough the mainstream press verified that many of the > children in Iraq strangely have leukemia and the "good" Americans would do > their best to be humanitarian and try to treat some of these children. Of > couse no mention was made that WE caused their leukemia by using the spent > uranium artillery!!!! >

> And we also used spent uranium in Kosovo. Now the children there are > coming down with leukemia. One bad result is that the U.S. also made the > shells and protective armor of our tanks out of spent uranium because it can > resist shellings better. But when a shell would hit our tanks the metal > would get hot and vaporize and our service men would inhale the fumes and now > they are getting radiation sickness. >

> A true nuclear warhead could do a lot of damage to U.S. civilian homes > and cities too. >

> b- It costs $800.00 per square kilometer to annihilate all life from > that area if chemical warfare is used against We the People. >

> c- But here's the clincher: It only costs $1.00 per square kilometer > to wipe out all people in that area if they use biological warfare agents. > But rather than dying instantly or in a few hours, the biological agents take > longer and take up to a week to kill their victims (us). >

> 45- And wonder of all wonders, Clinton even joked about it in his > speeches and in the news reports by saying that biological warfare agents are > like the gift that keeps on giving. Because when one citizen falls victim to > the organisms of the biological warfare they can travel for a while and > spread the diseases all over the nation. >

46- So the feds plan on spraying us and sitting back for a few days to > a week or so, letting us get sick and die and then they will come in and mop > up and burn all our bodies and then take over the cities, have them all to > themselves, and take all our possessions. Probably they will turn over much > of the property to new sets of foreign immigrants and make them low paid > slaves in this land of opportunity. >

> 47- So now what will be happening? Well, for 10 days in May Clinton > has authorized our military and local law enforcement agencies to practice > simulated NBC attacks upon numerous cities. Again, I figure from all the > informants I have that it will NOT be the three cities mentioned recently but > from 150 to 300 cities nationwide. >

> 48- But still not to worry as these are NOT the real thing. But here > is the real story >

> 49- Sometime in June, probably the second or third week, because our > illustrious leads will be at another Builderberger meeting during the first > week, the feds plan on a biological terrorist attack against us citizens. > There will be at least one city involved and possibly half a dozen and up to > several dozen cities that will get hit. But again, I am only 75% to 95% sure > that this will happen during these dates. This is because the feds have been > known to back off if they meet prior resistance and if the victims find out > about it and balk or threaten civil war against the politicians. Of course > that should not bother the feds because they want as much death to occur as > possible anyway to reduce the population. >

> 50- Where will Clinton and the feds be. Well, in the underground, > subterranian tunnels that they built under Iron Mountain, Weather Mountain, > and under the new airport in Denver Colorado and numerous other hideaways. > It has been reported that the feds have enough food and supplies and even air > and oxygen to last them for four years in the event of all out war and NBC > attack. Sort of reminds you of some of the movies that have come out in the > past few years. Really, these movies are just preparing us citizens for what > we have to look forward to in the near future. These movies are NOT just > fanciful and wild entertainment but actually training and news films for the > elites around the world to prepare them too. >

> 51- Well here is how I found out specifically. I am an > Instructor-Trainer for the American Red Cross. I train instructors and > civilians to perform first aid and CPR, cardiopulmonary resuscitation. In > one of my instructor courses I teach, I was informing my student-instructors > about everything that is coming upon us and even more that I have mentioned > here. One of my students happens to be with that "good" federal agency I > made mention of earlier. >

> 52- I was trying to get my student-instructor candidates to take > additional training by telling them what was in store for us. I told them > that there would be so much death and destruction that there would NOT be any > doctors available for everybody. One of my students happened to start to > verbally verify EVERYTHING I said - exactly - verbatim. In fact, the student > even started talking on his own to my other students and telling them even > more things. What he was telling them was EXACTLY what I have been posting > on the internet for the past three years. >

> 53- Here is how I know that what he says is true: First he did not > waiver nor differ from what I have been advocating was going to happen these > past three years. >

> 54- Second, he told me that his federal agency is the only one in > existence that actually takes an oath to protect the nation and the > Constitution. All the other fed agencies take an oath to protect the > President or someone or something else. >

> 55- He told me that most of the other federal agencies don't like nor > trust his agency. >

> 56- He said that he was been trained by his agency to protect their > own. I was to teach him to be an instructor in first aid and CPR and he was > to train his people. He is also an EMT or Emergency Medical Technician. >

> 57- The really interesting part is that he said that his federal agency > was like a police force but that it is against the Constitution for any > federal agency to maintain their own standing army and police that they had > to change their name and call themselves the Federal Protective Service. >

> 58- But what really convinced me that he was telling the truth was that > he said that if Clinton declared martial law, they would run to the aid of > the states if they were invited and asked, and that they would fight on the > side of the states against all the other federal agencies and federal > military during martial law. >

> 59- Now I don't know if you can get any information from this > particular agency because of the situation they are in, but here is the name > and address and phone number: >

> United States of America > Federal Protective Service > 300 North Los Angeles Street > Los Angeles, CA 90012 > (213) 894-3264 >

> 60- Please don't reveal too much information about this federal agent > because they would know who it is if you start telling them that he is an EMT > and went thru training with the Red Cross. It would not only put him in > jeopardy but me also. >

> 61- I know this is a good address and phone because that is the > downtown Los Angeles Federal Building that I have know about for the past 40 > years. >

> 62- Perhaps, if you want to check out his story you can just say > (without referring to him) that you heard that their agency was the only one > that had all their agents take an oath to defend the country and the > Constitution. And you may ask about what they have been warned about coming > up in June 2000. Who knows, you may even get some straight answers. But > just remember, anytime you call a federal building they have your phone > number and can trace you in seconds. So please be cautious. >

> 63- For those of your who are unsure of what NBC is here is the answer: > Nuclear, Biological and Chemical warfare and weapons of mass destruction as > to be perpetrated by international and domestic terrorists. Of course the > ONLY terrorists I know of are the federal, alphabet soup agencies with > jack-booted, black hooded, thugs. >

> 64- There is so much more to tell but it would take too long. But be > aware of martial law, try to determine if you are on the feds' Red List, Blue > List, or Green List. Jokingly, one Patriot told me he was on the Brown > (shit) List. lol. People on the Red List will be picked-up under cover of > darkness BEFORE the feds tip their hand. They will go off to the gas > chambers immediately. People on the Blue List will be picked up after > martial law is declared and may be given a chance to "repent" and merely be > sent to the prison slave labor camps. Or they will be gassed too. People on > the Green List will be picked up and used to occupy all the 700+ prisons to > do the bidding of the government. >

> 65- Be aware that Clinton has created between 300 and 700+ CCCCs. or > Clinton's Civilian Concentration Camps to incarcerate many 100s of 1000s of > people. Already the USA has over 2 million citizens incarcerated in > privately operated prisons. It's a money making proposition. >

> 66- The bottom line is this: Even though the "good" Federal Protective > Services "police force" has been forewarned about that an international > Islamic terrorist attack will be perpetrated sometime in June, if we balk and > resist enough the feds may backoff which will allow us to prepare even more. > But rest assured, that we Patriots are preparing and may be able to delay it, > endure it, survive it. But as chance and probability goes, there is a small > chance that nothing will happen. >

> 67- I truly hope that I have been helpful in explaining what has been > and what is now being planne for us Patriots. I hope and pray that it > doesn't happen, but know deep inside myself that all of this is inevitable, > as it is written by God in the Holy Bible. >

> 68- Anyway, in the same way that we all prepared for the crunch of Y2K, > we really need to prepare for these alleged incoming "international" > terrorist attacks coming up in 6 to 8 weeks. >

> 69- But, then again it could all be a trial balloon by the feds to see > how we react. But why are all of the federal agencies being trained in urban > warfare and, anti-terrorism? ****************************************************************** All Americans please email this message to all your email friends!

Help spread this very important message!

-- ... (, May 03, 2000


I don't really see NBC as being that big a threat.

I'd worry more about ABC. They're owned by Disney, and everybody knows that Mickey Mouse fella can be a pure terror. Not to mention ol' Goofy.

-- Chicken Little (, May 03, 2000.

NBC is Nuclear, Biological, Chemical Warfare!!!!!!!

-- read the article stupid! (, May 03, 2000.

well, i guess if this is true.......clinton will never leave office?

-- tt (, May 03, 2000.

Looking on the bright side, if this were to happen then the world would finally be rid of those NBC weapons.

-- Malcolm Taylor (, May 03, 2000.

We're all going to die.

-- FutureShock (gray@matter.think), May 03, 2000.

LOL FutureShock

-- Debra (...@....), May 03, 2000.

Does this mean the stock market is gonna crash too? And the price of gold is going way up?

-- liu (, May 03, 2000.

Just enough truth to make one wonder, and just enough fancy to make one skeptical.

As for me, I am keeping the tin foil wrapped tightly around my head.

-- Richard (, May 03, 2000.

Mr. Smith and Mr. Jones were not able to suppress a chuckle as they read paragraph 60.

-- ~***~ (~***~@earth.ebe), May 03, 2000.

Howdy Folks:

Just one question: why is it that fruitcakes can't spell?

Best wishes,,,,


-- Z1X4Y7 (, May 03, 2000.

Adjusting tin foil hat and going out to cut lawn...

-- (, May 03, 2000.

Chicken -

Naaaahhh, Time Warner has ABC/Disney by the throat and is squeezing ever so gently, just to remind them who owns that "last mile" into most New York and LA home. No fears about The Mouse.

Me, I worry about Fox. That whole "Darla 'n' Rick" fiasco proved that the folks at Murdoch Central are both stupid and desperate: a very dangerous combination.

-- DeeEmBee (, May 03, 2000.

LOL Dee --

and here's a news flash for "", from Mr. Webster --

"sarcasm n 1 a cutting, hostile, or contemptuous remark: GIBE 2 the use of caustic or ironic language syn see WIT"

-- Chicken Little (, May 04, 2000.

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