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The 5-5-2000 Planetary Conjunction and Alleged "Global Disasters" ) Chicago Research Group and Associates (CRGA), 18 April 2000. All Rights Reserved. Released 1 May 2000 Introduction

A great deal of speculation and commotion has been going on for the past 5 weeks or so, on this occasion approaching the dreaded planetary conjunction on 5-5-2000 researched by Richard Noone some 30 years ago and published in his book in 1982. To begin with, it is imperative to realise that similar planetary conjunctions did occur in the past in the various constellation houses or zodiacal, astrological signs, as it were, as early as the records show, circa 1953 BC on 26 February in the Shian Dynasty in China. However, of the 8 major conjunctions or planetary alignments that have occurred in the past 4,000 years or so, there is no geological or geo-physical record that a major disaster or cataclysms occurred on Earth due to this gravitationally augmented event. The evidence presented by Mr. Noone, while superbly researched, is still anecdotal when using the evidence of mammals having been frozen in situ while grazing upon tropical pasture lands as a result of a major crustal rotation of the outer shell of the Earth. We know this for a fact from some records not yet in the public domain, that this phenomenon occurred due to a totally different geological/geophysical phenomenon, which we will discuss at a later date, for it is as controversial as the one presented by Mr. Noone -- in fact it is even more so. Furthermore, so-called Pole Reversal involves a totally different mechanism not yet understood by the standard model of present mainstream geophysics and astrophysics.

We Must Expand Our Understanding of Gravitational Energies

We cannot go into great detail in a short missive such as this one; however, we will invoke very reputable research by no less than the U.S. Naval Observatory at Kit Peak, Arizona, and the eminent Max Planck Institute of Astrophysics in Germany. The planetary alignment will occur on Friday 5 May with Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn, with the moon, and will be in conjunction along a 260 arc in the constellations Taurus and Aries. Twelve (12) days later, on Wednesday 17 May, these planets cluster even more tightly into a 190 arc. Therefore, if there were to be gravitational effects of great import, this last date would be of even greater significance than the 5 May conjunction. However, what most people -- including the majority of mainstream astrophysicists -- don't realise is that gravitational forces and laws do not just involve attraction but also repulsion as well, a phenomenon not included in the analysis of Newton's original Gravitational Field Equations. Ironically, even Einstein overlooked this seemingly innocuous detail, albeit, in his own equations! Soviet scientists in the 1970's and earlier noticed that General Relativity was flawed in terms of various criteria, and this one -- involving the gravitational repulsive effect -- was one of them.

Nothing Unusual As A Result of the Unusual, But Common, Planetary Grouping

Inasmuch as the Cosmos is truly a masterful creation governed by truly Kosmic Laws of the Divine Kosmic Intelligence, it is imperative to have a balancing force in the gravitational components of the interactions occurring between large masses of planetary proportions. Therefore, the very presence of Jupiter and Saturn in this major conjunction introduces the balancing parameters of gravitational push-pull along the lines of the gravitational "waves" in this cluster of planets, including the Sun, that are conjunct in the "houses" of Taurus and Aries in May 2000. Consequently, without going into rigourous astrophysical and mathematical analyses of this unusual -- yet common -- astronomical event, we venture to predict that nothing unusual is going to happen as a result of this planetary conjunction or "doom scenario". It has happened before, and it will happen again on 8 September 2040, and we dare say nothing will happen then either -- plain and simple astrophysics and geological history. Just study the history records!

Our Binary Star System and Its Radiative Oscillations A Crucial Factor Today

However, what no one is talking about, quite unfortunately, is the real problem we are now facing in the astrophysical arena, and that is the 23rd and most active solar sun spot and flare cycle of our binary Sun system, Ra-Horus, occurring now, even as we speak. We have had major heliomagnetic and helioplasmic activity of considerable magnitude in the past few months, and the solar flare phenomenon is becoming alarmingly precarious as we approach the peak, sometime this summer. The erratic weather patterns, volcanic, seismic and meteorological phenomena that attend these solar phenomena have been noticeably increasing, but no one has been talking about it, especially the government, due to "insecurity reasons"! Now, we feel the real "danger", as it were, is not the 5-5-2000 scenario, but the most unpredictable Solar Flare Events that are about to attain a dangerous climax soon this summer, or later. As a corollary of solar phenomena -- so poorly understood even to this day -- we can anticipate erratic weather patterns, tidal waves, hurricanes, volcanic and seismic activity and polar ice melting or fragmentation from the large ice masses. In fact, that has already occurred this year.

Furthermore, we can also anticipate a heat wave in certain regions near the tropics or deserts, yet also the possibility of a "nuclear winter" globally, should major volcanic eruptions occur. We can also expect droughts due to too little or too much rain in the "wrong places", and most likely catastrophic crop failures due to soil conditions and geomagnetic factors, due to the "triggering effect" of the heliomagnetic pulsations occurring now in our sun as it undergoes some "metamorphic change" not well understood by the scientific community, and especially world governments and the military, for we also face the possibility of mammoth power failures globally with attending electromagnetic positive and negative pulses. We remind our friends that an eminent ex-military intelligence officer, Major Ed Dames, had predicted this scenario three or four years ago. We have monitored his published and non-published predictions, and he is so far 85-90% correct in his predictions. What is never reported by the press is that we have had "near miss" Coronal Mass Ejecta, CME, that almost touched our atmosphere in two instances, and that in at least one instance there was "Divine Intervention" by some pre-eminent civilisation that was able to deflect/neutralise the plasma ejecta from the Sun that was heading towards our atmosphere. This pre-eminent civilisation and their amazing space craft have been also observed around the 31 Dec 1999 "New Year" celebrations in various large population centres all over the world. [See LE#131 Feb 2000] There is a great deal of activity in the solar system that is going on now as a result of what is happening to our Binary Sun, especially this year, and also a great deal of extraterrestrial activity is going on on our behalf, possibly from the Andromedans of M-31 discussed by Alex Collier and from the Sirius A Group, and also rumoured, by the Pa'thall themselves.

Our Best Shot: Global Meditation with Focused Intent

Fortunately, there are some groups globally, including the eminent Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, pundits Astrologers and Meditators, that are doing Global Meditations and Rituals to avert natural disasters that would cripple the collective spiritual evolution of the planet and damage or injure the World Soul. We of CRGA salute the Maharishi Group and other groups that have had the courage to use Spiritual Technologies, Consciousness and Focused Intent to create a harmonious and peaceful environment to be in alignment with the needed changes, but not endeavour to stop the changes, for that is utter folly. Instead, we entreat all our friends and readers of the Leading Edge International Research Journal to participate in the global and collective endeavour to use Consciousness, Focused Intent and request help from the pre-eminent civilisations that are our space brothers and sisters that know we are going through critical times here on Terra, our beloved Mother Earth. Recall that the Handbook for the New Paradigm instructed the "ground crew" to do, namely, to ask for help from the Great Shining Ones and other Great Civilisations that are monitoring the changes and planetary spiritual evolution here on Terra. There is no special protocol needed for this, for indeed this one is an individual journey for each one of us. However, the instructions given earlier in our missives and the Handbook for the New Paradigm do indeed apply here. Do the best you can do, for indeed any endeavour, no matter how small, if sincere and truthful it will indeed create amazing results. [Message No.17 in the Handbook is quite pertinent in light of this]

More on the Planetary Grouping in May 2000

Finally, a word about the significance and Kosmic implications of the May 2000 planetary conjunctions themselves. In our earlier missives [See Ancient Wisdom and Modern Physics, and LE#127,128,131) we discussed some of the metaphysical - spiritual implications of the various changes going on today in this millennium, especially in the past 50 years or so from the perspective of Ancient Wisdom, the ancient Hermetic Gnosis and in light of the so-called Kosmic Grand Scheme of Totality. To begin with, everyone knows by now that world conditions have been changing dramatically since the advent of the New Age, in particular the 1960's and 1970's. Not only have the changes been in the political, economic, religious and metaphysical arenas, but also in the geophysical and meteorological realms as well. Phenomena such as Global Warming, El Niqo, La Niqa, Ozone Holes, Polar Ice melting, etc., have been the "buzz words" of the 1980's and 1990's to explain unusual and new weather patterns and phenomena. Furthermore, the contribution by the HAARP Project has been another controversy introduced in the arena of "weather modification" and "weather engineering", together with the lesser known Tesla Technology known as telegeodynamics (TGD) or the science of artificially inducing earthquakes, seismic movements, perhaps even volcanic eruptions. By now, everyone knows that the earthquake that occurred in Kobe, Japan in 1997 was artificially caused by TGD to disturb the economy of Japan by the OWO Technocrats. More recently, the earthquakes in Turkey in late 1999 were also artificially produced to destroy the economy of Turkey, and more specifically to disturb the production of a certain tactical facility near Istanbul from operating, since than meant disapproval by the OWO boys, once again. In fact, at the writing of this missive, in middle April 2000, we have had very erratic weather conditions in the Midwest and east coast of this country, as well as abroad. Is this the effect of the solar flare and sunspots, or a combination of that and the HAARP Project? We think it is the solar phenomenon this time, for the electromagnetic effects have been most pronounced in the past week and will continue past Easter in late April and May.

[Note: There have been violent storms in the southeastern US recently, with many flights cancelled due to "bad weather", but in fact there is so much electromagnetic interference from the Sun that it is affecting communications and electronics in general, which are disturbing flight operations in some areas].

The above discussion shows clearly that something very unusual is going on with our weather and that profuse electromagnetic interference is taking place, most likely from solar phenomena, again, due to heliomagnetic and heliogravitational phenomena. Our atmosphere is intimately dependent on the phenomena that occur in the Sun's atmosphere, and , despite the protestations from mainstream astrophysicists, all geological and meteorological effects on Earth are a result of what goes on in our Sun, rather than due to planetary conjunctions and alignments, since 99% of the mass of the solar system is contained in the Sun itself. The 5-5-2000 conjunction alignment, or truly, a massing of planets, has the Earth positioned at the "tail end" of the line, with the Sun in 4th place from the end in the sequence: Earth/Venus/Mercury/Sun/Mars/Jupiter/Saturn. Now, we feel that the greatly massive Sun will create a "shield effect" from the so-called "gravitational pull" of the other three planets, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn. Besides, rigourously speaking, the planets are not in a "straight line" per se, but are "off line", as it were, due to the fact that the individual planetary orbits are slightly tilted out of the ecliptic plane; therefore, the force vectors are not co-linear, and the "gravitational pulls" are attenuated by other factors as well. Add to that the fact that the Sun undergoes very profound pulsations towards and away from the Earth and the other planets, and we have a condition of micro-gravitational pulsations and push-pull effects, even using standard tenets of orthodox gravitational theory that only recognises gravitational "pull" but not the "push". In short, we do not anticipate any major disturbances, field effects or potential effects from the 5-5-2000 alignment, or even the 5-17-2000 closer alignment, which is even a "tighter" massing than the former one. We very strongly suggest our readers and friends refer to a popular astronomical journal available at news stands for an excellent discussion of the 5-5-2000 events, a wonderful educational process, namely, Sky and Telescope magazine [ May 2000 issue] , which also discusses the historical past events of similar conjunctions and alignments. With this technical introduction, we can now discuss the more metaphysical aspects and implications of this event from a greater perspective. [See also other May 2000 Astronomical Events, S&T]

-- Starman (starman@from.afar), May 02, 2000


I liked the part about planetary groping.

-- (, May 03, 2000.

LOL! I'll be Jupiter if you'll be Saturn!

-- LunaC (, May 03, 2000.

["Divine Intervention" by some pre-eminent civilisation that was able to deflect/neutralise the plasma ejecta from the Sun that was heading towards our atmosphere. This pre-eminent civilisation and their amazing space craft have been also observed around the 31 Dec 1999 "New Year" celebrations in various large population centres all over the world. [See LE#131 Feb 2000] There is a great deal of activity in the solar system that is going on now as a result of what is happening to our Binary Sun, especially this year, and also a great deal of extraterrestrial activity is going on on our behalf, possibly from the Andromedans of M-31 discussed by Alex Collier and from the Sirius A Group, and also rumoured, by the Pa'thall themselves.]

Must be Ashtar Command. I especially like the part about "Divine Intervention."

-- StarGazer (, May 03, 2000.

Don't be so smug, mortals. The real Dr. Doom (Ed Dames) is still forcasting that we'll all be wiped out by a big CME, possibly this year! Check out his latest interview with Art Bell on Art's web site.

-- dr. doom (, May 03, 2000.

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