Old Beekeeper and City Lawyer

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Part of living in the country is how to deal with folks from the city with a totally different viewpoint, including the bureaucrats. It's a question that underlies what we do and who we are, so I'm posting this as a response to that question, har har and hope you enjoy! *********

An old beekeeper, with weatherbeaten face, and bib overalls, driving a rusty one-ton truck, collided with a new Mercedes driven by a pasty-faced guy in a > business suit. Both vehicles were wrecked; both drivers were shaken up, but neither was hurt. "You old hayseed! I'm gonna sue you for this! Do you know I'm an attorney?" "Waall," drawled the old timer, "I see neither of us was hurt. There's no need to be so upset." Then he reached into his toolbox and pulled out a bottle of wine. "Lookee here! This didn't even get broke...here's a bottle of my best elderberry wine...doncha think we oughter celebrate." "Here," he said, popping the cork, "I propose a toast to our guardian angels." He handed the bottle to the young man. "Well, okay, I guess." The young fellow had stopped breathing hard, but was still shaking. "I suppose I could use some anyway." He took a long draw, then handed back the bottle to the bee man. The old timer recorked the bottle and put it away. "Aren't you gonna drink?" asked the lawyer? "Nope, I'll just wait for the police." >

-- Elizabeth Petofi (tengri@cstone.net), May 02, 2000


did you hear about the terrorists who seized a building? they took the 500 lawyers hostage, and threatened to release them one by one unless the million dollar ransom was paid. :)

lol gene

-- gene ward (gward34847@aol.com), May 04, 2000.

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