A million reasons to be bizarre.....

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A million reasons to be bizarre

London: Britons would be willing to give up 10 years of their lives, to serve as missionaries or to put on nine kilograms in weight to win #1 million ($2.7 million), according to a survey.

The research, for BT Internet, reveals that one person in six would go to extraordinary lengths to win the money.

The company asked 1,000 people what they would be prepared to do for the prize.

Twenty per cent (mostly young people) said they would run naked through the town centre, 19 per cent would put on nine kilograms in weight, 15 per cent would live on a desert island for 10 years and the same number would become celibate.

Ten per cent would get a facial tattoo and 12 per cent (mostly males) would cheat on their partners, with 8 per cent prepared to sleep with their worst enemy.

Seven per cent would even cut off a finger or other body part.

The remaining 35 per cent said "none of the above" or "don't know".

But the most popular option, chosen by 27 per cent, was to spend 10 years as a missionary.

Press Association

--------------------------------end Comment:
Continuing those obscure posts tackling difficult subjects involving consenting Pommies who have nothing much to do so they survey each other ad nauseum.

I have absolutely no doubt about the missionary longing among Poms. They have this rather peculiar urge to preach, not unlike the Americans in that regard. I wonder what they do in their spare time.

Regards from a survey-free zone...

-- Pieter (zaadz@icisp.net.au), May 02, 2000


Pieter, One of the hardest things (for me)to learn and always remember, is that polls don't reflect reality. There are used here is the US (especially) to manipulate opinion. It seems that no one knows anyone any one else who has answered a poll, but we have them all the same. Hmmmmmm.

-- KoFE (your@town.USA), May 02, 2000.

>I wonder what they do in their spare time.

Groom their tiny show dogs??

-- (kb8um8@yahoo.com), May 02, 2000.

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