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Many models of Minox were designed for 5.6v Mercury cell, including C, LX, and most of the 35mm series. Same cell: PX27.

But the "official" replacement per Minox Labs is not the same. For 8x11, they recommend 4 V386 batteries, whereas for 35 series they recommend 2 CR1/3N.

Now why would they do that? Same original battery, different replacements.

-- Fred Dashiell (, May 02, 2000


1) The diemsion of 2 CR 1/3N is slightly longer than PX27, therefore cannot be used in 8x11 camera ( you may squeeze them in by may damage the battery clamp )

2) Why not use the 4x 386 kit in 35mm ? I guess that the 2x CR1/3N was made earlier.

-- martin tai (, May 02, 2000.

I checked the size of an old PX27 5.6v Mercury cell I have. It seems to be about 20mm long. I also have 2 CR1/3N. Stacked up right beside the PX27, they are just a little bit longer, looks like maybe 21mm. The Minox 8x11 were sure designed with tight tolerances!

The specs for the V386 (Varta website) are 1.55v, length 4.2mm, so 4 of them would make 6.2v, length 16.8mm. The adaptor for 8x11 sold by Minox must make adjustments for the short size because they are about 3.2mm shorter than original spec for 8x11. Does it also have circuit to reduce the voltage from 6.2 down to 5.6 per original spec?

The specs for the CR1/3N specify 3v, length 10.8mm, so the combination of 2 would make 6.0v, length 21.6mm.

For the 35's the extra 1.6mm is easily handled in the battery compartment because it was oversized and spring-loaded in the first place. But, does the adaptor make the voltage adjustment from 6.0v down to 5.6v?

-- Fred Dashiell (, May 02, 2000.

Oh, and as to the original question, I forgot to add the conclusion. The 2 CR1/3N seems to be a closer match to original spec both electrically and in size, and the 35's can accomodate the 1.6mm extra length. This makes them preferable for the 35's I guess.

As Martin points out, this solution is not possible on an 8x11, so they took the next best available.

I have no idea about the electro-chemical qualities. The CR1/3N are Lithium, and the V386 are Silver Oxide.

-- Fred Dashiell (, May 02, 2000.

It just occurred to me that a slightly better solution for 8x11 might be 2 V386's and 1 CR1/3N. This would yield 6.1v and 19.2mm length. The marketing folks at Minox might object, though (grin). I don't know if mixing Lithium and Silver would be a good idea or not.

-- Fred Dashiell (, May 02, 2000.

Fred, mixing different type of batteries together is not a good idea, because each has different interal resistance. Put them in series causes uneven load on the batteries.

-- martin tai (, May 06, 2000.

I now use S27PX silver oxide cells in both my 35 and 8x11 Minox cameras. These batteries seem to be an exact replacement for the PX27, but are silver instead of mercury. They seem to work perfectly.

I purchased mine for $6 apiece plus shipping, from Ken Hanson Leica in New York City, telephone 212-317-0923.

-- Bob Woods (, May 08, 2000.

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