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Did any one see Saturday Night Live? Noah Wyle was in a skit with Julianna, Playing 'Manuel', a spanish vetrinarian! It was very funny!!!

-- Danette (bjpind@televar.com), May 01, 2000


it was a rerun, but i missed it the first time around, so i was very excited to see it on a rerun. the skit w/noah in it really was very amusing :)

-- Marcia (mlg244@is9.nyu.edu), May 01, 2000.

Yeah, I didn't see it the first time around either. Noah was hilarious. And all I can say is Wow! What a kiss! I'm jealous...

-- Cecelia (evilstoat@hotmail.com), May 01, 2000.

Did they really kiss? I only saw that they were ready to kiss and then they rush off to a new animal trauma! It was one of the funnier SNL shows though, I thought JM was great on it and I hope NW does it sometime soon.

Also, did anyone notice that Julianna was laughing during the food chewing skit? The father was yelling at her and she was sitting laughing! I don't think she was supposed to, but maybe she was. Anyways, if she wasn't, I don't blame her. I couldn't do that all w/ out laughing.

-- Elaine (mrsclooney78@hotmail.com), May 01, 2000.

I couldn't watch that skit for the most part. I was laughing, too, but YUCK!

-- Cecelia (evilstoat@hotmail.com), May 01, 2000.

Elaine-I noticed her laughing too!! I dont think that was part of the skit at all. It didn't fit. Besides, she kept pressing her lips togeather to try to stop it. At one point you heven hear a little of her trying to muffle the laugh. It is a live show, or taped live anyway, so it's not like they could edit it. That was incredibly funny!

-- Alissa (alissan@yahoo.com), May 01, 2000.

What happened in the food-chewing skit is that Will Ferrell started to cough or choke on his food, which I don't believe was supposed to happen. Since it's live and he couldn't stop, he just took a sip of water and exclaimed that he was upset. I'm pretty sure that's why she cracked up. She laughed again after, er, "feeding" Chris Kattan. LoL. Did anybody catch her on "The Rosie O'Donnell Show" a few days before that, saying she was sure she'd start laughing during a skit? :-)

P.S. To anybody who saw it both times, did you notice a lot of the skits were different versions? They seemed to have used the taped rehearsal skits the second time around, for some reason. I guess because they were equally funny but things had been changed and re- worked before the live show. Hmm...just something I noticed.

-- Arianne (CarolRossSusanGreene@yahoo.com), May 02, 2000.

I loved that episode of SNL! I saw it the first time, but I watched it again. In one of the skits, they refer to Julianna as "Dr. Mathaway"! (get it, Hathaway!) I thought that was funny!

-- Stephanie (Looney425@aol.com), May 02, 2000.

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