S. AFRICA - River Contaminated from Industrial Spill

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01 May 2000 11:13 AM - (SA) Title: River Users Warned After Iscor Spill

Newcastle - Iscor has warned that water in the Ngagane River should not be used for four days following a spill of contaminated industrial water from its Newcastle plant on Saturday.

The company in a statement on Monday said water up to 50km from the confluence of the Ngagane and Buffalo rivers should not be used too.

Tienie Visagie, the public relations manager at Iscor, said in a statement that the coke oven gas holder at the factory caught fire and the factory roof collapsed.

"The gas holder contained contaminated industrial water, of which the majority was contained. Unfortunately a limited amount spilled into the Ngagane River just before its confluence with the Buffalo River," Visagie said.

Visagie said the Department of Water Affairs and Forestry, the local government's protection services and other affected institutions had been notified and were satisfied with the necessary precautions.

The Chelmsford and Amcor dams' sluices were opened to dilute the contaminated water.

"The water quality is continuously being monitored under strict guidance of the Department of Water Affairs and Forestry," Visagie said. - Sapa



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