Test #3

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What was up with Test #3? I found the material to be extremely hard and nothing I studied was found anywhere on this exam. It would have been helpful had you provided a list of topics (like you did for Test #1 and Test#2) that would cover this last exam. It would have been worthwhile if you would have included the videos and speakers we focused on during the last half of this semester.

-- Doreen (ddaniel@corus.jnj.com), May 01, 2000


Those are useful suggestions that I will incorporate next semester. Thanks for making them.

I agree that the test was hard, although it was not my intention to make it particularly difficult. I wanted it to be rigorous and fair, which I think it was. I need to take a look at the final results before I make any decision to go beyond my original formula.


-- prof katz (jimkatz@scils.rutgers.edu), May 01, 2000.

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