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I am in the process of restoring a SAL wooden baggage float. I need to know if anyone is aware of the manufacturer and part number of paint that would pass for the color the SAL used on these floats. I can find the remains of what appears to be either Pullman green or SAL dark green. Many thanks ! John Potter

-- John Potter (, April 30, 2000


We at the Ocala, Florida, Model Railroaders Club were given a SAL baggage cart by Amtrak from the Ocala Union Station. Our station was remolded to it's 1917 opening look, by the City and the Florida Dept. of Transportation. Amtrak did not have any use for the float and we asked if they would donate it to our club for preservation, and they agreed. We could see what looked like Pullamn green on the wood, and metal parts. I took a paint sample to a local paint store and they matched it, and this is what we used. We restenciled the orginal number to the lower back paneln in white paint. I was told by some of the SAL oldtimers that the float was most likely from the late 1940's. Our float was in very good shape, except for the tongue which we replaced with old lumber as to match the rest of the wood. We have since returned the float in the main waiting room with a diaroma of Union Staion as it looked in the 1950's. Amtrak was very happy to have it back, and we used the diaroma to advertise our club. I did not know where you could find manufacturer for the correct paint number. I hope this helps. If you would like a photo of it, please send me your address, and I will gladly send you one. Allen L. Wiener, Vice President, OMRR

-- Allen L. Wiener (, May 01, 2000.

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