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Possible spoiler * * * * * * * * Do you think TPTB will just have Carol quit her job at County and just go for a fresh start elsewhere but not headed toward Seattle after all to reunite with Doug. I remember John Wells saying a few months back that her exit will not be what the audience expects. I only hope Julianna fought for what *she* thought was the best ending for her character. I know she wanted Carol back together with Doug. I can't stand waiting around for this final answer. I only hope its what all of us D/C fans have been wishing for.

-- kathy (, April 30, 2000


Oh, that would be so CRUEL. I've been afraid of this possiblity, esp. after all their teasing and previews. I'm hoping that what John Wells means is that there will be some kind of twist to their reunion. Maybe he means...we don't think he's coming back, BUT HE IS!!! (j/k, I highly doubt that!)

-- Elaine (, April 30, 2000.

What if the voice from an old friend is S H E P !!!

-- Linda (, April 30, 2000.

Okay, in two weeks everyone can e-mail me and say that you told me so, but I think Doug is coming back and George Clooney will appear on the May 11th epi. So there. :)

-- Diana (, April 30, 2000.

However it is done, Carol BETTER leave to be with Doug so they can get married (or at least work to rebuild their relationship) and raise their daughters together. Hmph.

-- Arianne (, April 30, 2000.

Carol will not get back together with Doug. Why? Because it's what everyone seems to want, and what EVERYONE expects. What kind of a show would this be if they caved to what the viewers expect/want all the time? Besides, it would just be too much of a "happy ending," which is simply not very realistic. Of course, I have my own opinion on what's going to happen to her...but I posted it in another thread already. Hint: I called it "Another death soon?"

-- Cecelia (, May 01, 2000.

I agree Cecelia - there are far too many complications for her simply to go bounding back to Doug as if they haven't just spent a YEAR away from each other and how cliche would it be to have such a fairytale ending where she goes to live with her prince after sleeping for a 100 years. The problem is she hasn't been asleep, she's been effectively abandoned by him. However, I really don't think the writers will bother to introduce another plot. From the way they've been hanging over the Doug plot it must be what's going to happen but it will really annoy me if she just runs off to Seattle and that's the last we hear of it - the only explanation I can think of for her suddenly deciding to leave is that package in the post on her birthday or if Doug comes back to GROVEL to her - the latter of which I don't think is going to happen.

-- Juliet (, May 01, 2000.

One of the spoilers did say that she messes up on the job and takes someones wrath for it. Maybe she messes up really bad and gets fired, or maybe she just quits?! Who knows. I have been torn about whether or not I want her to go back to Doug, but I do think her departure will have something to do with him.

-- amanda (, May 01, 2000.

I read that too, and if they have her leave due to a mistake, this is way too similar to the way Doug left. They cannot have her make some mistake, get Kerry and others pissed off, and then she just disappears like Doug did. That is too much. I hated how that's all they gave Doug for a farewell, and I doubt they would do that for her. They are making too big a deal of it to give her a cheap exit like GC's. JMO.

-- Elaine (, May 01, 2000.

Elaine, I'd have to agree. It would be ridiculous for her to exit the same way the Doug Ross character left. First of all, I feel that Kerry should be somewhat understanding, though she won't be because of Romano. Remember last year, when Carol thought Weaver was being hypocritical for reviving a DNR (the one she thought was her mother). As soon as Kerry gave an explanation, Carol backed off. It's obvious to see WHY Carol resuscitates (LoL, I know I didn't spell that right) the woman...I've sort-of rambled, but what have we learned over the past six years? Carol has always loved Doug, even against her better judgement. She has also gone back to Doug when he displayed signs of mature behavior and reform. Unless the writers are truly on crack, Carol has seen Doug with their daughters and has been getting persistant invitations to move to Seattle. With whatever happens next week, it seems as though Doug is again showing that he wants to settle down. It is Carol's nature to want to be with Doug, after eight years nobody -- not even an attractive tragic Croatian -- can change that, at least not this quickly. In the end, I truly feel that Carol & Doug will give their daughters the one thing they themselves never had: a father, and hopefully two loving, committed parents who are at some point married.

-- Arianne (, May 01, 2000.

******Possible spoiler**** I read somewhere that Carol was going to get in trouble herself for resesitating a DNR, in trouble from Kerri, no less. WE'll see!!!!

-- DAnette (, May 01, 2000.

*****Possible Spoiler***** I heard Somewhere that some one was going to kill themselves, whether it's Carol or not I don't know, I certainly hope not. That would be so totally sad, and annoying cause well, two deathes in about 3 months. It would probably be Carter.

-- Dawn (, May 06, 2000.

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