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I go to the University of Central Florida and I was listening to our local radio station and they just announced that Sugar Ray's lead singer Mark McGrath will be making an appearance on ER as a Psych patient/resident(I didn't hear it too well). Needless to say, my roommates and I are totally excited! We watch ER religiously and Sugar Ray is one of the favorite bands of our apartment. I recently was surfing the web and found your great ER site. Great job to all the dedicated people who run it!!! See you all later!!! ~Kathleen

-- Kathleen (, April 30, 2000


What a small world Kathleen, I just recently graduated from U.C.F. and I work in the College of Education. I just had to say Hi! I too am extremely excited about the upcoming ER episodes. I've heard that Mark McGrath plays a Psych Resident and that his scenes are mostly with Mark Greene. All I know is that this season is ending way to soon! Well, have a great summer!!

-- Jenny Steele (, May 01, 2000.

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