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Title: Car-Tax Refunds Mailed in Oconee

By David Williams Independent-Mail 4/29/00

WALHALLA - More than 5,000 Oconee County residents will be getting refund checks next week for overpaying their taxes on motor vehicles.

Auditor Ken Williams said Friday that the South Carolina Department of Revenue, which furnishes the tax manuals for all counties, supplied erroneous assessments for some vehicles for January, February and March.

"My office has now completed auditing these records and found that out of 8,125 records paid, 5,113 had errors," Mr. Williams said.

While the state Department of Revenue is responsible for the errors, Mr. Williams noted that the $1 the department will pay for each refund is "far less than what it will cost us to get the refund to the taxpayer."

The refunds total $115,640 in county taxes and $5,170 in city taxes.

County Treasurer Anne Dodd was processing the refunds Friday.

"We received the information from the auditor Thursday afternoon and immediately began printing the list," Ms. Dodd said. "Just as soon as the report balances, we will start printing checks."

Ms. Dodd said checks should be in the mail as early as next week.

The treasurer's office has incurred additional expenses for costs such as purchasing the checks and paying employees to work extra hours to stuff envelopes.

"We appreciate our customers being patient, especially since it is the end of the month and we are now handling the normal end-of-the-month car-tax payments," she said.

Oconee was one of the worst-hit counties in the state when the Department of Revenue discovered the errors in February.


-- (, April 29, 2000

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