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I'm going to take som art photos of a girls hands and feet in front of a light grey background. I want to use a small aperture on my Rolleiflex tlr, around 11, and need a little faster film. What film should I use? Tri-X (TX) or Tri-X Professional (TXP)?

I prefer the older grain types of these films before the newer ones in TMY and Delta. Agfa APX 400 seems too grainy though.

-- Patric (jenspatric@mail.bip.net), April 29, 2000


TriX Pan or HP5+.

-- Don Karon (dkaron@socal.rr.com), April 30, 2000.

Fuji Neopan 400 in xtol 1 to 1 is the finest grain 400 (really) speed film I've ever used... t

-- tom meyer (twm@mindspring.com), May 02, 2000.

If you want large prints, and grain is undesired, choose Ilford Delta 400. If you need even more speed, and if grain is not too much of a concern, choose Ilford Delta 3200. I have achieved pleasant results with both films.

-- Thomas Wollstein (thomas_wollstein@web.de), May 02, 2000.

Try Verichrome Pan.

I tested it at 160, and think it is unsurpassed in its gradation of high values.

-- Charlie Strack (charlie_strack@sti.com), May 03, 2000.

Isn't Verichrome Pan almost the same film as Plus-X? I live in Sweden and we cant buy Verichrome here. I've thought of trying that film, buying a few rolls from the U.S. but some people said "don't bother, it's the same film as Plus-X but for the american market".

I think I will buy Tri-X and maybe shot at 200 Asa if the light will be enough, to get more grey tones in the highlights. But 400 Asa is ok too.

-- Patric (jenspatric@mail.bip.net), May 04, 2000.

Verichrome Pan and Plus-X are different films. Verichrome was, as far as I know, never made for 35mm. Supposedly it's superior to Plus- X, from what I've read, but the last time I used it was in the late '70s in a Kodak Instamatic 126 camera.

-- Jim MacKenzie (photojim@yahoo.com), May 05, 2000.

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