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During the Mark/David boat scene on the episode of April 27th 2000, what was the song playing? I believe I've heard that before on an earlier episode. Who sings it?

-- Mario Baldenegro (, April 29, 2000


I believe it is Simon & Garfunkel.. I'm not sure but I think I saw somewhere else on here that the song title is 'Bookends'.

-- Yvette (, April 29, 2000.

Mario, you must be very young. :) I didn't know the specific song but recognized the singers: Simon and Garfunkel. The song is "Bookends" and it's on their Greatest Hits CD. Might want to check out the review for "Under Control" for the lyrics.

-- Diana (, April 29, 2000.

The song is "Old Friends," by Simon and Garfunkel...

-- judi (, April 29, 2000.

I just listened to it on the Simon &Garfunkel Greatest Hits CD and it IS "Bookends." They played the whole song, BTW; it runs one minute and sixteen seconds.

-- Diana (, April 30, 2000.

That scene was SO touching. Mark and his father were so sweet without being sappy, and you could just see the joy on his father's face. I get choked up every time I hear "Bookends" now!

-- M.J. (, May 02, 2000. too.

-- Elaine (, May 02, 2000.

This seems to be a popular "sentimental moments" song. They used it at the end of the series finale of 'Party of Five'. Very bittersweet there too. Sorry, I know this doesn't really belong on a ER message board, but if it's any consulation, I thought of Mark and his dad when it came on.

-- Elaine (, May 09, 2000.

I thought the same thing when that song came on during "Party of Five." I almost posted it on here, but I didn't think it was relevant enough to count. :-)

-- Kimmy (, May 09, 2000.

i just posted the same q. the other day.

i wondered which programme i'd heard it on before... no wonder it was party of five, it sounds just right (if that makes any sense!)


-- Rosie (, June 20, 2000.

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