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I am a Fayetteville, NC native that is transplanted here to Arizona after military retirement. I lived on Hillsboro Street in Fayetteville and behind my house was the carolina Telephone and Telegraph company materials yard. A branch line train using red with yellow or white lettering engines (AS-16) deliverd there everyday before proceeding to the Fayetteville yards. Who was the branch line and where did they run to and from? I am interested in modelling this line and would apprciate any help with this. Thanks. Charlie Sites

-- Charlie Sites (, April 29, 2000


Tom, Thank you very much for the information. This is extremely helpful in my creation of this area on my home HO layout. Thanks again, Charlie Sites

-- Charlie Sites (, May 01, 2000.

The red Baldwin AS-16 diesel indicates ownership by the origial Norfolk Southern R.R.(1883-1974), which was merged into the Southern Railway. Fayetteville was at the south end of a NS(I) branch from Varina, N.C. The line was originally the Raleigh & Cape Fear R.R.(1899-1905), then Raleigh & Southport(1905-1912), that extended from Caraleigh Junction, 3 miles west of Raleigh, south to Fayetteville. The line came under control of NS(I) in February 1912 during NS's push west from Raleigh to Charlotte, Caraleigh Jct.-Varina becoming part of NS's mainline. A street map of Fayetteville shows the NS coming into town from the northeast towards Hillsboro Street.

-- Tom Underwood (, April 29, 2000.

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