What The Heck Do I Do With This Fuschia?

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Can anyone tell me how to properly care for a fuschia plant? On a whim I bought one at the nursery, and I really have no idea how to properly care for the beautiful thing.

Shade? Part sun/shade?

What shall I feed it? How often? Thank you!

-- Laurie Noel (laurieannnoel@hotmail.com), April 28, 2000


I think the answers depend on where you live -- in most climates fuchsias won't live over winter, and in some I think they grow in sun. Where I live, they grow in shade and they require LOTS of water. They like rich soil, and I give mine plenty of phosphorus and potassium -- if you're buying fertilizer, look for a 5-10-10, I think. (Those numbers will be on the front label.) Someone correct me if I'm wrong; I'm certainly no fuchsia expert, unless killing 30 or 40 of them before I got automatic sprinklers counts.

They are very popular container plants, but I have a really hard time keeping them alive in containers, probably because I don't water often enough. The ones that I have planted in the ground in the area with automatic watering do great, except when the dog digs them up. Even then, they usually come back okay.

They are a little fussy, but you're right, they're beautiful plants. Good luck.

-- Beth (beth@xeney.com), May 03, 2000.

Oh oh oh!!! Fuschia is my #2 plant (next to hostas)... Yes, keeping them watered is really important. I tend to water mine every evening, unless it has rained during the day. I'm in NY and during the summer I hang my fuschia plant outside on my porch (morning sun, afternoon shade), but if the temp drops below 62 I bring it inside. Be sure to deadhead the plant, too. I keep it indoors throughout the winter, in a warm room.

-- carol (innerarch@yahoo.com), May 12, 2000.

I bought a fuschia --- first one ever. For the first month it did great, lots of flowers, even though I let it dry out a bit. Then, about a week or so, ALL the flowers dropped off. Why? The leaves are still green and healty looking, the soil is wet. What would make all the flowers drop off, and will they ever come back?

-- Susan (sjinkins@excite.com), May 15, 2000.

depending on where you live.. fuschias like lots of shade with just a hint of sun. keep them well watered. i have had most success with my angel earrings fuschia by fertilizing everytime i watered during the summer with a special fertilizer mix for geraniums. my plant exploded all summer long, then i brought it inside and it stays in a cold room about 30 degress all day in front of a small window that gets only morning sun...i only fertilize once a month and my fuschia has exploded again with beautiful flowers.

-- sarah connelly (jackett19@aol.com), November 29, 2002.

I have nothing good to say about Fuschias.My husband keeps purchasing the potted ones usually for Mother's Day,and I've had at least 6 of them.Have killed them all.They are the most beautiful of plants,and I wish I could grow them.Have read all responses on this website,thanks for tips on care.Any additional help would be appreciated.I live in southern coastal Virginia.Thanks!Linda Pilkington

-- Linda Pilkington (Pilkstoy@aol.com), January 19, 2003.

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