I'm trying to start

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off the archives.That's why I posted all of those messages.

-- candyman (andy_poke@hotmail.com), April 28, 2000


I hope a lot of people start coming to this board.

-- candyman (andy_poke@hotmail.com), April 28, 2000.

I know what RPG stands for(at least it's what I know what it stands for)Role Playing Games,or RPG.Just start posting about things and I'll make a category for it.

-- candyman (andy_poke@hotmail.com), April 28, 2000.

And what does RPG stand for for you.

-- candyman (andy_poke@hotmail.com), April 28, 2000.

People probably have come here, then left rapidly upon finding it wasn't an actual RPG forum at all. Go look up what RPG means, then fix yer damn board so we gamers don't feel like we're being left out.

-- Justice (DemonCougar@hotmail.com), April 28, 2000.

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