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Okay, at work today, I was discussing the episode last night with a few people. One lady at work who always knows all the spoilers, and likes to predict the storylines, has been pretty on in one aspect or another about her prediciotns. She isn't always right, but more right than anyone else. Before Lucy died, oh, I'd say about a month or so, she told me that it wouldn't make sense to have just Lucy killed off. They would have to impact the ER somehow to continue a story, like having Carter hurt, too. They've been working on it, I'd say, fairly well. Anyway, she says that the scence with Paul's wife was deeper than it looked. Dr. Carter is highly curious about Paul. She's due to have a baby any day, and they're talk seemed quite reasonable and friendly, though sedately sad.

However...she said that something's is going to happen with the birth. Whether she comes in and asks for Carter to help out...of she doesn't come in and asks him to help out.

She presented three situations that she'd like to see happen. #1 and #3 are pretty FAR FETCHED, but weird things have been known to happen.

1) Over the course of the next two episodes, Carter and Pauls wife continure their talks. Paul's wife is in labor...she's having some problem and she comes to the ER. Many of the same people are working that were there when the attack happened. Its complicated, she gets worse...and the mom dies, too, but has a baby girl. She asks Carter and the rest of the ER staff to name the baby Lucy, and asks Carter to care for her.

2) More people in the ER are knowledgable of Carters mental states. While Carter and Paul's wife are having another talk, she goes into labor...but its fast...and Carter delivers the baby in some public place. He's late for work and the ER staff fear that something is really wrong.

3) Paul escapes from the hopital where he's been committed, right about the time that his wife is due to give birth. Still psychotic, and having escaped not taking the proper meds, he goes back to the hospital looking for the docotrs who were trying to hurt him. He escapes before authorities arrive, and goes to his home, and then sees his wife, very pregnant, and beats her, too. He then escapes and his wife calls Carter to come and help, as the beating has put her into labor.

I'm not saying I believe any of these...but they are some situations which aren't totally off the rocker...I could see weird stuff like this happeening.

-- M. Harmon (, April 28, 2000


Does your friend write fan ficion :) ?

-- May (, April 29, 2000.

Regarding the screen between Carter and Paul's wife, I may not be looking as deeply as some, but it occurs to me that perhaps Carter is wanting some reassurance from the person he feels is the one most likely to be able to give it to him. After all, who knows a person better than a spouse? If the wife did not notice anything drastically wrong with Paul, how could Carter after only a few minutes with him? Question: Was Carter not supposed to be looking at Paul's file? He signed for it, but did not seem to want the other doctor to know he had it. Was this somehow a breach of hospital policy? Or was this just another sign of denial on Carter's part?

-- Nancy Wilson (, April 29, 2000.

Nancy, good question. I think it is the latter. He probably thinks maybe he should have seen the problem and the attack could have been avoided. He might be blaming himself for Lucys death.

-- Yvette (, April 29, 2000.

Nancy, I think he just did not want Draad to know he was looking at Sobricki's file, because that would indicate that he is still thinking over the attack. Later, when he asked Draad about him, and Draad asked if he wanted to know what was happening to him, Carter said no, even though we know he lied. I doubt there is anything wrong with him looking at the files, since doctors can get any file on an incoming patient that has been in before. Plus, Carter was assisting Lucy on Paul Sobricki, so technically he was his patient too.

-- Elaine (, April 29, 2000.

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