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I was wondering if the last test was going to be graded on a curve. I found the last test to be extremely difficult. Alot of the material that I studied wasn't even on the test. I'm hoping you grade based on a curve.

Also, how will extra credit be assigned?


-- Laura Zimmermann (, April 28, 2000


I tried to cover what I thought was important. That desiderata, combined with a limit of 20 questions, meant that I could not ask a question on each learning objective. When I asked the class if it wanted more questions, almost no one said they did. I agree some questions were hard. But there were also some extremely easy ones.

I have not had a chance to see the scores, so I cannot comment about student performance on the exam.

Extra credit will be added to your total number of points, which will generate a letter grade as per 900 pts. = A, etc.

Again, thanks for your concern.


-- prof katz (, May 01, 2000.

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