Has Doug seen Carol's twins?

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Last week Mark and Carol were talking about Doug while working on a patinet together. I think carol said something about the girls (twins) deserving to know their father. Did Mark mention to Carol "Well he sees them" meaning Doug has been visiting the twins? I'm not clear on if Doug even knew Carol was pregnant. I know she sent him a fax early on (I think it didn't go through) and after she gave birth she asked if the phone at her bedside could make long-distance calls to Seattle.

-- max (superartgirl@aol.com), April 28, 2000


Doug does know about the babies and DID know about the pregnancy. Carol later sent the fax successfully and left a message on Doug's machine telling him to "sit with" the news. He later called her and, in a phone conversation we did see, he offered to come back and she told him not to. Because he was on thin ice in their relationship already, he obliged.

Yes, it appears that Doug HAS been seeing his daughters. Carol sighed and seemed troubled, so Mark asked her what was wrong. She told him that her daughters deserve a father, and he said, "Doug's been seeing them."

So Doug knew about the pregnancy and has been seeing his daughters.

-- Arianne (CarolRossSusanGreene@yahoo.com), April 28, 2000.

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