Exploding computer destroys flesh eating bananas

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Bogus stories spread through the internet April 25 - A hot story going around the net today is an official sounding alert about South American bananas infected by flesh eating bacteria. Theres only one problem - the story is completely fabricated and untrue.

And have you heard about the Death Ray Virus? Its a supposed e-mail computer virus that can cause your computer to explode. If you get an e-mail warning you about it, dont believe it because it, too, is totally false. Same with the alleged NASA document detailing a bunch of secret x-rated sexual experiments by the astronauts on the space shuttle. They never happened and the document is a fake.

Millions of people not only fall for stories just as crazy as these, but they actually spread them. To find out more about these internet rumors, follow some of the links provided below.


-- - (x@xxx.cQm), April 28, 2000


The above article is a hoax. All of the internet rumors discussed in it are actually true. Now go and send this message to at least 10 billion people in the next 3 seconds or your head will explode in a fiery ball of death.

-- (hmm@hmm.hmm), April 28, 2000.

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