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-"DOLPHIN BOY" By Charles "Chuck" Carter

Young Elian is bright with hope and knows nothing more than cleaving to his mothers bosom. He smiled and was happy with the simple things that youth had brought:

Not knowing what his future held.

His simple life, his simple ways have conveyed him only simple thoughts.

He begins to go to school to learn of Castro and of rule.

His mother tells him every night, do not worry do not fright.

She comforts him then tucks him in.

Then one day comes, when,

He is woken from peaceful sleep abruptly before dawn's light.

His mother says don't question me we run from Castro's tyranny.

They slip into the launch and security turns to uncertainty. Why then should mother wake,

To make this morning so miserable when she placed all at stake?

Time seemed endless and difficult in the wooden vessel, water trickled in.

With rocking motion unrythmic, with nothing but bread and mangos, my stomach hurts.

My mother is near to me, the boat keeps rocking, I clutch her skirt.

The waves are relentless, they will never stop. My stomach draws.

It is ill from lack of food, and this rocking motion gnaws.

Why mother, why did you take me from my bed?

Your image is fading from the night. I hope to see you tomorrow.

The pitch is not holding, where once were trickles are now streams. I see dolphin in the night.

By the next day with the boat half filled my mommy's hand is near.

That day came and went, with more food spent. She is near, my mommy.

The boat is battered by the plight. The waves come ever more relentless.

The wooden boat could take no more.

We can only swim, now weak, but undaunted toward the U. S. shore.

Through to dawn's first light, I cling to an inner tube my mommy gave me.

She wipes my brow with her fingers, her time to touch my face.

She slips away from my hand, I can not pray for fear of Castro, he is near.

I try in vain to grab my mother's arm, but the sea is stronger with arms longer.

I wept but could not cry, lest I slip. I will not cry.

Her light fades from me. I clutch frantically, while I want to follow her into the sea.

But God has for me, another destiny.

The dolphins come they raise me up, they were summoned by my mommy.

they push me on when I can't swim. I keep falling in the sea, and then,

They keep me up.

The next thing I see is man over me. He grabs me with his arm to do no harm.

He plucks me from my home away from my dolphin friends.

they take me to my Uncle Lazzaro's house.

Where I play with toys and go to church and play with my cousin, she is pretty.

I am here in the United States, home of the brave land of the free.

That's why my mommy died for me.

I couldn't see, I cry for her now.

The men and women, they come to see me in my yard.

They take pictures of me playing on my slide.

I can not hide. They come in numbers even greater.

More and more even later.

Now they come at night with fright.

Now they come with masks instead, they take me from my bed.

They point guns at my head.

they tell me Uncle Lazzaro is dead.

I am off to my father who used to play with me some time, but I can't remember when.

He is familiar so I am happy.

Bill Clinton and Castro tell me I must go back with my father.

They tell me that men with guns will come again if I don't return.

They tell me Fidel is my friend.

My mother died for me, you see. She said, I must stay in America, I must be free.

The dolphins helped me when my mommy died. They held me up with a bumb.

They were truly free. My mommy died, so I can't hide my love for liberty.

And as for Bill Clinton, Janet Reno and Fidel, they can all go to hell.

My mommy died for me you see.

they give me medicine, I am happy as can be.

I now don't care if they take me where, cause I need more medicine you see.

What happened to America, the home of the brave the land of the free?

Your president listens to Castro, not to you, not to me.

Its time to go, I've had enough, I'll get my stuff.

Can I have more medicine? It makes me feel so good.

You Americans you talk of liberty. Remember my mother, she died, she died for me.

Before too long, you'll sing a song. Where went liberty?

Then you'll see, I hope you will, cause freedom isn't free.

Charles "Chuck" Carter is The Republican Candidate for California's 27th Assembly District, Nov. 2000 177 Webster Street, Monterey California 93940 (831) 655-5065

-- PostMan (, April 28, 2000


This is all very touching but many important facts were omitted as usual. If this in fact was authored by Mr. Carter then my guess is we are seeing yet another political opportunist pimping the Elian story for personal gain. I spent the time and money to call the phone number for Chuck and was connected to his answering machine. I left him an earful and hope any of you that feel the same will call also.

-- Sifting (through@the.rubble), April 28, 2000.

Just one more reason Republican Wackos scare the hell out of me. Of course Wacko Democrats aren't any better.

Roses are red, Violets are blue, The poem is dumb, boo, hoo, hoo

-- Richard (, April 28, 2000.


Since it's unlikely you live in his district, he probably won't give a hoot about what you think!

By the way, neither do I and a lot of other people.

-- Postman (postman@sifting.jerks), April 28, 2000.

Postman, thats the great thing about this forum. All input is allowed (to a point) and respected (to a point). Now I dont agree with you but I do respect your right to express yourself.

Like all good spin, this poem has failed to tell the whole story. Elians Mother, Elizabeth, was allegedly in an abusive relationship with her boyfriend. This fellow was a convicted felon and had been deported once from America. He dragged her back here and by default, Elian. I doubt the boy had much to say about the whole deal. As in all arguments there are two sides to consider. Look past the spin.

-- Sifting (through@the.rubble), April 28, 2000.


Very good, nice restraint...


----one day I SWEAR I'm gonna learn how to do them darn Hawk faces thingy's he does. smile

-- consumer (, April 28, 2000.

Sifting. I take back the comment about myself not caring what you think. I also acknowledge your restraint in not flaming me back. What ticked me off is that you "left him an earful and hope any of you that feel the same will call also."

I do appreciate the additional information that you supplied regarding the boyfriend and factors surrounding him (assuming it's really true).

-- Postman (postman@costner.studios), April 28, 2000.

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