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I guess we all saw last night's preview for next week's episode, and I have read in several spoilers that there will be a storyline where Dr. Dave is upset with a father after the little girl claims that her dad molests her. Doesn't this remind you of Doug, and the way he punched out the guy who left his boot print on his little girl's back? (back in Season 1 or 2) In last night's preview, it showed Dave lunging at somebody, looking like he was about to get in a fight.

Do you think they are going to turn Dave into another Doug, with his concern for children and rough and tumble attitude? I hope not, because I hope they would be more original. But we are starting to see Dr. Dave being good with kids - remember the little boy in last night's episode. This is a new twist on his character. Not that being good with kids is a bad thing! But it just reminds me of Doug. What do you guys think?

-- Melanie (, April 28, 2000


I thought the same thing! However, I'm sure he's not going to be "another Doug Ross". He's probably a lot like Doug was when he was a resident, but I think that they're different enough. So far, at least I've got the impression that we are supposed to see Malucchi as insensitve and not sure how to act around patients (remember where he asked Lucy to come in and talk to the teenage burn victim upset about how her appearance would be? He very humbly complimented Lucy that "she was good, really good."...meaning with people. Note: good Lucy memory!) We are slowly seeing him grow up and learn to be sensitive. So although his impulses may be slightly Dougesque (as I've said before), I hope the writers will create a unique character out of him, while also bringing in the qualities of a former character most of us loved. There's nothing wrong with that.

-- elaine (, April 28, 2000.

I hope Dr Dave does grow up. I'm getting a bit sick of seeing him act like a complete idiot most of the time - though there are sweet moments with patients. He's starting to irritate me but then, maybe he's meant to.

-- Juliet (, April 28, 2000.

Actually I'm just starting to like him. I've noticed that sometimes when he makes somewhat crass comments, he kind of snickers at himself like he knows he's being annoying. I also liked the way he stepped in and helped when the fight broke out in the ER a couple of weeks ago. And he was good with the kid in "The Fastest Year." When Kerry was suspended, he spoke up for her and I like the way he calls her "Chief." Maybe it started as a joke, but I think it's grown into true respect. When they cut open Lucy's chest, he turned away. It might have been the first time he'd seen that procedure, but he didn't watch. I think it broke his heart. Next week, he'll be "an unlikely hero" as the voice over in the previews said. The jury is still out (there's still the breast milk thing and some other events to overcome--Randi might be right that he's "a piece of work"), but I am surprisingly starting to like him! Hey, even I'm surprised.

-- Diana (, April 28, 2000.

In regards to one of Diana's commentsa, I love it that Malluchi was the one who couldn't look at the sternal saw on Lucy. Everyone was very tense, Mark flinched; but Malluchi is a pretty tough guy...he couldn't look because it was her. And as they whisked her upstairs, he did not take his eyes off her face...Mark had to warn him not to bag too fast. Those two were pretty good friends, I kind of wonder why no one thought they would get together? Not that I definetly would want that, but every single possible couple has been mentioned, why didn't anyone mention Lucy and Malluchi, it wouldn't have been the worst idea.

Here's a random idea...what if Malluchi started telling some story at the front desk where everyone is sitting around (nurses, Carter, etc.) and without thinking (he's got a big mouth!) brings up Lucy. Everyone gets somber and thoughtful, esp. Carter, and as he wanders away, maybe Malluchi and Carter have a little "I miss her", "I miss her too" talk. Sorry, very off subject, but I just got the thought and wanted to share it!

-- Elaine (, April 28, 2000.

Speaking of somewhat nosy Dave bringing up the past, I always imagined him questioning the paternity of Carol's babies. Oh well, he seems to know SOMETHING, guess the rumors still fly as they used to. ;-)

-- Arianne (, April 28, 2000.

Picture this: Doug DOES come back. The first three people in the ER he runs into are Cleo, Dave, and one he knows or who knows him! Now wouldn't that be a hoot.

-- Diana (, April 29, 2000.

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