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Will greatly appreciate your comments about my first try with the page building. The site contains my b&w and colour shots from around the globe. Please check the code in the galleries.

Thank you in advance.


-- Alexei (, April 28, 2000


Overall I enjoyed the site and your photographs, especially the black and white section and in particular the one with the shadow of the building in NYC. It reminds me very much of a Lee Miller image. The site was easy to navigate and fast enough for my lousy 33K modem. You've kept it uncluttered as well which highlights the images. I do have a few suggestions although some are purely subjective. First I would recommend having a link to your opening page from every page or at least from the thumbnail galleries. Also I think that a white background tends to diminish the quality of the scans and most need some sort of border to help them stand out. Light grey actually works well if you don't want to use black. However these are just my personal preferences. A good site. Thank you for posting it.

-- Andy Laycock (, May 19, 2000.

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