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Okay, I just finished watching "The Fastest Year", and wow! First of all the *big* scene -- Luka & Carol's kiss. IMO, Carol made the first move. Now, I'm all for Doug & Carol getting back together, so read on! Luka's comment about rebuilding & starting over -- Carol could be thinking about how her and Doug need to rebuild and start over, especially for the sake of the girls. And, because I think deep down she wants to as well. Really, Doug has been such a part of her life for so long; it's not something that can just be wiped away and forgotten about.

It was also interesting finding out more about Luka and his past. *So* sad to hear how he was so close, but powerless to stop events, when his wife and children were killed. Enjoyed the stories about his family. . .he sounds like he was a precocious child. ;-)

You know, I actually like that the writers have not been hitting us over the head with John remembering the stabbing -- it made his flashbacks tonight that much more powerful. Excellent job by Noah Wylie yet again.

Bittersweet moments with Mark & David. When Mark was counselling the one family, I was wondering if he was thinking at all of how this applied to him. In a way I think he showed he was beginning to understand a little bit of what his dad wanted by taking him out on the boat. Sweet gesture, and good tie in with the Simon & Garfunkel song again. This may well be one of those 'photograph memories' for Mark after his father is gone. And I know not everyone is a Mark/Elizabeth fan, but it was good to see them being at least friendly with one another again. David expressed my confusion over their status quite well!

I would like to know exactly what questions Jackie asked of Cleo. LOL - wasn't she just moving in for the kill or what?

Abby, Abby, Abby -- her intentions are good, her methods just need some work. She reminded me of a little kid when she told Kerry she didn't think it was stupid to try to help somebody. Just had to get the last word in there. . .

Okay, those are my ramblings on tonight's ep. Boy, I hope I don't miss the season finale!

-- Michelle (, April 27, 2000


This was a great episode. I kept saying "Go Jackie, Go Jackie!" I thought it was so funny how she was giving Cleo the third degree. It was very telling that Cleo said something about how she didn't want to live near family, they get too annoying or something like that. Then she caught herself.

It was also funny when Kerry said "If you need help, get Malucci!" when she was talking to Connie about the little kid who ran off. I loved the scenes with Mark and his dad. I am waiting for Anthony Edwards to pull off some real tears when he dies. Heck, I probably will, too. And I also like Mark and Elizabeth as a couple. I think they are totally believable together.

I don't know what to think about Luka and Carol. We know they can't have any kind of permanent relationship, and I always thought the only believable way to end this storyline would be to get her back with Doug.

-- Melanie (, April 27, 2000.

Comment on Abby-I think it's good that she stood up to Kerry. Being called "stupid" isn't fun, let me tell you. Kerry's great with patients but still has to work on her tact with her colleagues. I agree, though, her methods need work. But she's a STUDENT, remember.

Comment on Luka-I had a sneaking suspicion that he was very lucky to be alive. I wasn't expecting the big revelation tonight though, and I thought that his family was murdered, not bombed out.

Comment on Cleo and Benton-Jackie, Jackie, Jackie...gotta love her! I would have liked to have heard the conversation myself! You knew that was going to happen though. She seems the protective type (a mom!) and she's trying to look out for baby brother's interests. After Carla, I imagine she's a little leery of anyone trying to capture baby bro's heart. I was hoping to see Walt. I really like him!

Comment on Carter-Can this kid act or what???

-- (, April 27, 2000.

One more comment,

Looks like next ep will be John Cullum's last. I'll be sorry to see him go. Wonder how Mark will handle it?

-- (, April 27, 2000.

I agree - great job by Noah Wyle. I thought Carter's expression was really creepy when he was having that flashback while helping Luka with the spinal tap!

I also enjoyed the Mark & David scenes. For all his complaining about wanting to go to a hospice, it looks like David really was glad that Mark kept him at home.

The Luka & Carol scenes did nothing for me one way or the other. I thought the scene where Luka explained what happened to his family was good, but not poignant as the scene a few weeks ago where he talked about closing his eyes and seeing his son's face. Also, was it just me or did Carol's response to his tragic story seem a little cold?

I'm not sure why they bothered with the Benton/Cleo scenes at all (although it was nice to see that Reece hasn't been "Bobbed" after all).

-- Beth (, April 27, 2000.

speaking of reese, though, when the heck did he go from living with his mother to living w/jackie?? we get no explanation at all, it just gets thrown in there...i don't know why they can't just let us know WHY he's living with his aunt, instead of his mother or father

-- Marcia (, April 27, 2000.

I seem to recall a few episodes back that Peter moved back into his sister's house (to show that he could provide a stable home environment for Reece during the custody battle). I think this was just a normal visitation between Peter and Reece - not Reece living with Jackie.

-- Beth (, April 28, 2000.

Okay, I'm going to go by character. Abby-Loved the way she persisted and told Kerry "It's not stupid to help" or whatever the line was. Just so simple and plain. Carter-Oh my gosh. Noah Wyle is, IMHO, THE best actor on the whole show. I love seeing him communicate without words. His expressions make you SO want to get access to some stills of his scenes (namely the spinal tap). Can't figure out what about him is so expressive, maybe that's part of it. I'm not going to go on any farther.... Kerry-What can I say, I loved the line to Romano "I don't plan to," at the beginning. Kerry was great through the whole thing, even the Abby scene where I'm sure everyone hated her...I would have done the exact same thing as Kerry, though. Mark-The boat thing...The pneumonia thing...The Elizabeth-supplies thing...The entire father thing. Looking forward to Edwards' acting in the eppy where David Greene dies. Malucci-Hm, wonder if he was anything like the kid Kerry put him in charge of, when he was young. :) Jing-Mei/Deb/Whatever her name is this week-Didn't see her much, but...does she know about David Greene? If so, how could she have asked Mark to talk to that family? Hm. Carol & Luka-Had to talk about them together. Loved the kiss. I thought the whole eppy was so sweet...reminds me of somebody else (untelevised). I reeeeeaaallly hope Doug doesn't return. At all. Elizabeth-Lizzy, Lizzy, Lizzy...what happened to deeper questions? "Hey Mark, I know your dad's dying, want to talk?" Okay, so I'm being blunt. But come on! Peter/Cleo-Oh, please oh please oh please! Break up! Hated them from Viable Options on. Not individually, mind you. Together. Lucy-I have to mention her. Carter and the voices and etc. I hope in future episodes, Carter talks to Dr. DeRaad about Lucy or something like that. Did I cover everyone? I think so.

-- Monica (, April 28, 2000.

I'm going to be sad to see Mark's father go (and, coincidentally, it's all the more reason to bring Doug back *sigh*).

Ahem. The Carol/Luka, er, uh...NIGHTMARE. As a Doug/Carol fan for the past six years, I feel somewhat betrayed by TPTB. There really is one, maybe two, ways to rectify what they've done. It was so contrived! UGH!! Knowing Carol as I do, she will no doubt realize it is Doug she wants and who she has wanted all along. Sometimes I feel as if Luka is nothing more than a glorified Powell -- this is NO way to get me to warm up to the character.

After having a sob-fest with several of my outrageously angry and distraught friends, I am still numb to the whole episode. My friend's GUY friend was even upset and shocked by this. It's those previews that keep me going, I tell you!! ;-)

-- Arianne (, April 28, 2000.

I am glad that we finally got an idea of what is going on inside Carter's head. Talk about denial, calling it an "accident"! It is time that we start seeing more than the one emotion that has been on Mark's face since he found out his father is ill. Sorry to say, but I just don't like Cleo, it seems to me to be the same character that she briefly played on "Homicide: Life on the Street", beautiful girl must be super tough to show she is more than just a pretty face - whatever. Abbey is going to become irritating if she doesn't put a little direct pressure on her heart to stop it from bleeding all over the place. If she feels so strongly, why does she have to act like a puppy who has been admonished by her owner?

-- KJ (, April 28, 2000.

trelles, kerry did not call abby stupid, she said that what she did, or was doing is stupid, BIG difference there! ( what she was doing, WAS stupid).

-- Alexis (, April 28, 2000.

I am just going to comment randomly on what other's have said.

First, I guess Carter is in denial over the "accident"/"attack". I loved his face when the psychiatrist corrected him and called it an attack. I thought it was Dr. Draad w/ Carter in last week's preview too.

I also find it funny that Kerry told whoever to call Malluchi if there was trouble...remember the Viable Options opening scene? Is he becoming the next Doug Ross? (SPOILER for next episode: Dr. Dave explodes over a young incest victim, did you see him in the preview, very Dougesque)

-- Elaine (, April 28, 2000.

Being killed by a bomb is being murdered, no less than being shot or slashed.

-- Diana (, April 28, 2000.

Just a quick comment on the whole Abby/Kerry thing. Kerry had to do that with Abby (although, Abby was being kind of dumb). I mean at the beginning of the episode Romano gave her a HUGE ultimatum! If she didn't keep her emotions out of her work life, he would remove her as chief of the ER, and that is her whole life.

-- Rachel (, April 28, 2000.

Wow, Romano's a real demon. He must be a minion from hell or something - can't he just fall down a well and die or something? Just to say - I loved the episode with the two men fighting when one stuck a pen in the other guys cheek and Romano was trying to hold one back but looked like a tiny little ant clinging onto the guy's arm while Dr Dave broke the whole thing up. He looked quite Hilarious.

I really hate Cleo too. She's so agreessive and insesntive and just nasty in every other way. She should fall down a well with Rocket too - though at least Romano adds laughs to the show, Cleo just adds obscenity and disgust from the viewers.

-- Juliet (, April 28, 2000.

You know, I kind of feel sorry for Michael Michelle (did I spell that right?). It must be terrible to know that ER fans everywhere hate your character. lol

-Carter. Wow. What can I say. I loved watching him last night and am just dying from the tension in the air. The whole story line is being played out perfectly. I look forward to seeing what will happen. As others have mentioned, I also like the fact that this storyline is taking time as Doug's or Susan's did.

-The scene in the kitchen with the knife was really creepy and well done.

-Kudos to Noah Wyle yet again. Loved the scene with the LP.

-More Gamma please. =)

-Carol and Luka. If I were Carol, I'd forget about Doug.

-Mark and David Greene. Watching these two in Season 4(?) one would never believe that they have come as far and gotten as close as they have. I'm going to miss David Greene, I really will.

-Abby...who is her supervisor?

-Reese sure is getting BIG!

-Exactly where and when did Kerry's concern for Carter show itself?! When she was yelling at him? I don't get it.

-I just want to mention the bread. Carter sure is able to cut even slices! His surgical sub-I really did pay off I guess.

-- Anja (, April 28, 2000.

A couple more comments... Was that Randi who said something like "they would listen to ME but I'm on all day" when the nurses were convincing Carol to bring a guy car shopping. I hope so, and I almost missed it.

I will really miss David Greene too. He's a great actor.

I will add my bid to hear the answer to the question I've also been asking forever...who is Abby's supervisor?

Carter is still very concerned with keeping elderly couples together if they need care...this also occured in season 3 when he was working on getting a couple in a nursing home together and he almost got in trouble with Anspaugh for being too "personal"...then he decided to go into emergency med and not surgery. After Kerry saw the thankful look the husband of the couple gave her, and how he commented on Carter's attempt to help them, I was thinking "Carter was right, you were wrong, you should have listened to him and now you feel bad. HA!"

-- Elaine (, April 28, 2000.

The kitchen scene was just great the whole way around: Gamma Carter, the knives, the perfectly cut slices of bread, infomercials, a little joke (that apparently is more inside than I knew when I heard it last night), Carter's "I'm fine." Just about perfect. I'm with Anja about Luka and Carol, though I know she's going to be with Doug. Luka seems (and I don't know enough about him to really say this but here I go) more stable. Poor Carol could sure use some of that for eighteen or so years.

-- Diana (, April 28, 2000.

I loved the whole thing with Mark and David Green. The catch in Mark's voice as he was going over his supply list with Elizabeth--I knew he'd have to deal with more than practicalities eventually. I loved David telling Mark "Good boy" for taking him to the water. When you think back to what their relationship was when we first saw his parents, it's just been a wonderful evolution from being to uptight to have a conversation to being able to know what the other needs (David wanted to be on the water one more time; Mark needed his father's approval).

Carter starting to work through his emotions about the stabbing is great, too. You can see him starting to reach for help, but yet still trying to protect himself from fully realizing what happened (referring to it as an accident).

I love this show!

-- Claudia (, April 28, 2000.

I really enjoyed Elizabeth and Mark finally talking, like a couple (which they *are*) and how she told him she'd help--"I love stealing"...and Mark's small little relieved smile. He lets her get the things while he takes a second to think and then needs to compose himself. I realize that he doesn't want to lose face now, but in the next 3 shows, I would really like to see him just turn to Elizabeth and let her comfort him.

-- Elaine (, April 28, 2000.

Just wanted to add my two cents on this epi. I loved it! Noah Wyle was superb, again! The opening scene when he pulled the knife out and heard himself say "Somebody" sent chills down my spine and I knew we were in for a good one. All of his scenes were excellent...I really hope he will seek counseling, but not with Da Raad. I agree with the others who did not like how he responded to Carter. He is too close to the situation. BTW, what was the deal with Samantha Sobricki??? Do you think we will be seeing more of her? It seemed weird to me that they threw he in there for that quick little scene.

Luka and Carol's scenes were great!! I don't care what people say I think they have chemistry together. She and Doug had it too, but Luka and Carol are adorable together. Everything with Doug was always angst-ridden or something. It seemed like he made her miserable more than he made her happy. Yes, they did have some great times and yes, I think she will probably go back to him. But I like Luka! And Trelles, I agree...I thought Luka told Kerry in the epi with the two brothers that his family had been taken and murdered. A little bit different than being bombed. BTW Luka has good taste in cars...SAAB.

Benton and Cleo's little story seemed to be just thrown in there and I don't think they were in LA!? I thought Cleo was supposed to be third generation doctor (according to the "bio" on the NBC website)...she said her dad sells Insurance.

Abby reminded me a lot in this epi of Lucy in The Good Fight (I think) and in "Domino Heart". She really does resemble her. My husband (who is not a regular ER watcher) said 'I thought she died" when she came on the scene.

Mark and David Greene's scenes were so good! I know I am going to be shedding a few tears over the next couple of epis. When Deb had him talk to that elderly patient's family it was like you could just see the realization spread over his face...he was talking about his own situation! When he was "stealing" supplies with Elizabeth I was about in tears and wanted to yell at her...just hug him! I hope she will be there for him and he will accept her help after his father dies.

Well I guess thats it. Sorry this post is so long. Can't wait for the next few episodes!!

-- amanda (, April 28, 2000.

Regarding Cleo's family: she mentioned three brothers and her dad being in insurance. Did she say anything about her mother or any sisters? I don't think she did. So, her mom could be a doctor? And if she didn't mention female relatives, that could be a clue to her personality. She certainly seems to get along with the men in the ER (Benton) more than the women (Elizabeth), but that generality ignores her run in with Carter. Just a thought.

-- Diana (, April 29, 2000.

Diana, I think Cleo did say she had only brothers didn't she?

-- amanda (, April 29, 2000.

i totally with amanda......i was yelliung at elizabeth too.!?

-- rachel (, April 29, 2000.

Can somebody tell me how Abby got Mrs Lomax adress? The ex-husband would certainly not give her that information and I find it hard to believe that she could get it so fast elsewhere... Mrs Lomax does not have the same name as her ex, she is not related to Delia so her address would not figure on her chart. Does Abby have some kind of a special faculty to read somebody's mind?

-- Manon (, May 02, 2000.

I wondered that too. Maybe she looked them up in the TV Land phone directory. Serioulsy, it's a good question, but I guess we'll never know how she made the connection.

-- Diana (, May 02, 2000.

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