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I am a tech-aware artist moving to the DV/non-linear field - it's where I need to be to create what I want.

Input will be short 2- 5 sec images from analogue video, DVD and DV footage plus scanned still images, and I'll use After Effects/Premiere plus Final Cut Pro. Final output will be to analogue video, DVD disc for archiving, and sometimes direct to a DV camera. Some final output of 30 - 60 mins long will be displayed (probably) from analogue video via data projector (or ??) onto large flat surfaces. Other video output will be viewed direct from the Powerbook to television.

Mobility is very crucial to what I do, and the new Macintosh G3 PowerBook has got me drooling - compared to the problems faced dealing with Toshiba, Acer & Compaq the Powerbook seems fairly futureproof. The config I am purchasing is G3 400MHz, 128MB Ram, 12GB drive, DVD/CD internal player. Probably will add another internal HD and upgrade to 256MB Ram in the future.

Q: Get analogue video into the G3 Powerbook - What is the best, most economical, way?

Apple resellers here in New Zealand are not helpful and UK/Australia magazine adverts don't show any bells&whistles for what I want to do on the Powerbook - infact I don't really know all the options available. I won't always have access to the DV camera for analogue-DV conversion on input so I thought maybe a Media100 FireWire solution ( , else to keep cost down one of the iREZ products such as USBLive or TheCapSure ( but unsure if USB port can sustain data xfr rate fast enough!!!!

-- Rob P (, April 27, 2000

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