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Castro wouldn't have used guns to take Elian

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Thursday April 27, 2000; 9:42 AM EDT

Castro: 'I Wouldn't Have Used Guns to Take Elian'

Notorious Cuban butcher Fidel Castro says that although the Clinton administration did a good job abducting Elian Gonzalez last Saturday, he wouldn't have used guns to carry out the raid.

Speaking Wednesday from the Havana deprogramming center he had constructed for Elian's return, the Cuban dictator said, "We do it with unarmed people. That is within our idiosyncrasy and our habit that one has to risk one's life."

But, said Castro, he understands that in America such heavy artillary might be necessary for snatching a six-year-old, telling his audience that anarchy might result "if the marshals renounced their arms and were sent on an operation at a house where there were armed people."

The Maximum Leader saved his harshest criticism for the Justice Department's decision to allow photographers to record the gunpoint abduction, saying they should have forseen that a "war of images" would be used against Elian's father.

Apparently Castro hasn't heard that the Clinton gang did manage to stop live video telecasts from inside Elian's house during the raid, by having an NBC pool camera crew beaten-up before they could start filming.

Bet they don't do that in Cuba either.

Castro's quotes were first reported by the Associated Press.

-- NewsMan (newsman@news.isus), April 27, 2000


"That is within our idiosyncrasy and our habit that one has to risk one's life"

Easy to say in a society where ONLY the police have guns.

-- Jim Cooke (, April 27, 2000.

With unarmed citizens, all a government needs to send is a large gang of police thugs armed with bats. That'll do it without guns, for sure.

-- (idiot@saint.crazy), April 27, 2000.

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