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How organized are you? Do you leave things to the last minute, or get them done the minute their due? Do you often meet deadlines with only minutes to spare? Has your bad organization ever got you in serious trouble or caused missed opportunities?

-- Tim (, April 27, 2000


When I was in university, I had the dubious honour of being dubbed "The Master Procraster". My friends would call me when they didn't want to write essays, etc, and I would rationalize their laziness for them, allowing them to guiltlessly procrastinate. I am at work right now, and we all know this is NOT what I'm being paid for. To answer your actual question, I left everything to the last minute and consequently was, ahem, asked to leave the insitution of higher learning that I attended - here in Canada it is called *rustication* and was commonly refered to at school as *rustifucked*. I frequently wish that I had tried harder, or indeed, at all. Interestingly enough (to myself at least) I often have dreams where I am in an exam hall and don't remember having ever been to the class and have no clue why I am there, or that it is the last day of classes and I am breating myself for not having done all the work earlier. Now I strive to be organized and have pretty much fooled the people around me in to thinking that I am.

-- Meredith (, April 28, 2000.

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